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Dr. John T. Walker, Commission Vice President

Dr. John T. Walker

Dr. John T.  Walker is an award winner in the film and television industry as both a Production Designer and Producer.   He has worked for all of the major Studios in both mediums.  He created a book-keeping/accounting system when first employed at Universal Studios for tracking lumber which is still being used today.

He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology specializing in learning disabilities.  His thesis "Predictors and Frequency of Family Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis" has been used as a teaching method in universities all across the Country.

John has volunteered as a counselor for the Hollywood Youth Center and has been active in local government for many years.  He has served on several Commissions in the City.  He received an appointment from a previous Mayor representing the stakeholders of Los Angeles to a Special Commission that helped picked the first Ratepayer Advocate for the Department of Water and Power.  He was the President of what was recognized as being "The Best Neighborhood Council" in the City.  He served on the Studio City Neighborhood Council for 10 years - 8 as President.  He was the Executive Director of the Studio City Business District for three years.