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Review Submitted Projects

Review project ideas submitted to the Innovation Performance Committee in the past.

Submitted Idea Description
12/02/16 Employee Management Mediation Program What if the City offered mediation services to employees that are experiencing various types of employment related issues/problems? What would a program like this do to the current levels of payout liability for employment liability? What if a pilot program was implemented to determine if such a program would be successful? What is classical/facilitative mediation? Facilitative mediation involves a neutral third-party that has the responsibility of steering the mediation process. The mediation process is determined by the parties (self-determination). Facilitative mediation is focused on the party’s self-determination and the neutral is careful to remain neutral through the process. Facilitative mediation focuses on each party gaining an understanding of the other side by listening to their story and then uses that newly found understanding to find middle ground and reach an agreement. These agreements usually are considered win-wins.
11/09/16 MyWay mobile application MyWay is an innovative, original mobile application which provides a geolocation-based service whereby disabled individuals can identify accessible amenities such as elevators, ramps, restrooms, drinking fountains and other compliant assets, as well as identify non-compliant or inaccessible elements and hazards to avoid. The app allows users to summon municipal para-transit services. MyWay will bring awareness to city agencies and local proprietors to help them monitor accessible elements of their property and business to better accommodate disabled patrons. MyWay is an effective mitigation tool for the city by delivering real-time alerts whenever a non-compliant or inaccessible thoroughfare or condition is reported, allowing for the city to quickly and effectively resolve deficient conditions as identified by its denizens. MyWay improves the safety of the disabled while immensely reducing City liability. The efficacy of violation reporting and promotion is significantly improved.  
10/28/16 Predictive Modeling for Additional Seismic Resilience What if fifteen minutes after an earthquake, the City knew where the greatest damage had occurred and could send first responders to the highest concentration of damage immediately? What if before a major earthquake the City could simulate earthquakes on any of the faults that lie beneath us and identify which blocks may suffer the most damage? What if we could use this predictive modeling to inform our decision making related to infrastructure investment, resource allocation and response training. What if having this information helped the City of make strategic investments for greater city-wide resilience? 

1Concern is offering to have Los Angeles pilot a predictive analytics platform that uses cutting-edge science and technology, from geophysics and earthquake engineering to artificial intelligence to simulate earthquake scenarios in order to identify potential vulnerabilities and to deliver predictive damage level estimates at a block-level minutes after an earthquake.

10/27/16 LA TOUCH APP Develop an APP to connect youth and families in need to support services i.e.  Mental Health, Homelessness,  Drugs & Alcohol, Employment, HealthCare, etc.
Many time families in crisis don’t know where to go, although the help they seek could be available in their backyard, so to speak.

LA TOUCH APP would be that connecting bridge, and only a fingertip away.

09/21/16 Get more from our Print Shop The city's print shop should overhaul it's website (maybe through ITA), retool its marketing efforts, review its pricing for products and promote itself as a viable printing alternative to other municipalities and nearby government entities, along with other private interests who want to use a fully union print shop. The print shop is an excellent resource and they produce high-quality goods, but it is too hard to use them, even when you are part of the city family. Their prices are a bit too high (hence the price review) and their website is entirely unhelpful. I'm sure some of this, if not all, could be done without infringing on the collective bargaining rights of the excellent workers at the print shop. I've toured the place and its really impressive. They do excellent work and the city should try to capitalize on it in order to maximize this asset that it already has.
09/21/16 Multipurpose City IDs City employee IDs should be modified to allow them to be used also as library cards (with all of their attendant uses) and refillable TAP cards (useable on Metro and DASH). Right now, city employee IDs are only useful for ID purposes, but since 40,000 people have them, it would be a good, new way to promote use of our city libraries with tens of thousands of employees and our growing public transportation system. The Mayor or Council could roll out the changes with a small marketing campaign targeting the workforce. No security concerns would be compromised and employees would still have to turn in their IDs when they leave city employment.
08/29/16 Mental Wellness Program A mental health program for emergency workers that re-evaluates them at certain points in their career to monitor their well being, possibly in 5 year increments.

Additionally, a part of this program would include a method to send officers, firefighters, and other personnel to speak with mental health professionals by having coworkers vote on whether a subject's attitude and actions are consistent with others.

The subject's identity would be anonymous, and if decided that the subject may need to talk to a mental health professional, they would not be penalized or disciplined for refusal to seek guidance. They would remain anonymous throughout the entire process, and only be identified by mental health professionals and the supervisor/employee making the initial report to BSS.

08/09/16 Pilot Program- Psychological Services for Arrestees The Personnel Department, Medical Services Division (MSD), Correctional Care is proposing a Pilot Program to provide psychological and social services at the Metro Detention Center to arrestees who are struggling with mental illness, or substance abuse, or who are homeless.  The program aims to offer resources and support to MDC’s transgender population as well.
07/26/16 LAFD PSA Program The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) will develop five public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at proactively bringing notice to some of the most critical issues facing Los Angeles. The five PSAs will cover: 1) Falls by elderly people, 2) Learning how to provide hands-only CPR, 3) Pulling your car to the right for emergency vehicles, 4) The importance of smoke alarms, and 5) Homelessness. The videos produced will be aired on local television as well as on social media.
07/08/16 Online Rater Evaluations We would like to implement a web based system that would allow raters serving on Civil Service interviews to provide their candidate ratings online which would upload directly into the Personnel Department’s candidate tracking system. This would eliminate the need to use paper evaluation forms, remove the potential for clerical error in entering candidate ratings, and allow Examination Analysts to track the scores and review the comments provided by the raters (in real-time) while remaining at their desks and working on other vital examining tasks.
The web-based system would allow all information provided by the raters to be saved and easily retrieved. In addition, reports could be generated to further analyze the interview process.  Also, the space necessary to store the evaluation worksheets would be eliminated as this information will now be stored online.
06/28/16 Horizon Hover  Rentable flying hover scooters. Imagine a scooter, that glides through the air 3 feet off the ground.  It's like a bike share for flying hover scooters. Our team consists of MIT graduates, NASA system controls specialist, patent attorneys, mechanical engineers, US Air Force pilots, the VP of Trek Aerospace and helicopter experts. We are using patented ducted fan technology to create lift and lithium ion batteries to provide power. We can control the speed and height to ensure a very safe experience for all ages. 
06/22/16 Water Clean Drinking Water
06/09/16 keep LA clean include a small postcard in the utility bills that tells residents how to report illegally duped trash or large items, including ph# to call, online page to report, or upload the picture of the dump site.  Often I want to report trash I see dumped in alleys but when you call 311 you have to give your address and name (what for?  I don't live in the area I am reporting, I just drive by it)
06/06/16 Keep LAPD Fit! The LAPD has gyms in almost every geographic facility, headquarters, and training centers.  I think it would be a good idea to hire a few personal trainers for the LAPD to provide advice on working out safely, losing weight, eating healthy, building muscles, and stress management.  Even providing life coaching advice, which employees may be more likely to use than our Behavioral Sciences Section that has professional therapists.  Perhaps these life coaches could have a background in therapy as well. Providing much more advice and pointers than a nutritionist could ever provide.
05/22/16 Interdepartmental Knowledge Sharing What if City employees have the opportunity to work in a different section, division, or department for one work week?
04/22/16 DIY Driveway Red Curb My what if idea is a simple DIY Driveway red curb kit.

Step 1. Have someone senior at LADOT authorize a red curb policy allowing for a small amount (2-3 feet) of Red Curb to be authorized at any driveway that requests it.

Step 2. Create a website with a DIY Kit. A ruler that can be printed out on one or more 8.5x11 sheet of paper, showing to proper scale how much red curb can be installed. and an approved Red color code that can be used at any home improvement store to mix a batch of Driveway red curb (This color would be subtly different from the red curb used by the department to prevent unauthorized sues of this red curb)

Then, any request that comes in requesting red curb at a constituent's driveway (Or any complaint about excessive red curb) can be directed to this website and using the tools provided they can make sure that only the City Approved amount of red curb is installed at each edge of a constituent's driveway

03/22/16 Electronic Medical Records (EMR) The Personnel Department, Medical Services Division (MSD) Correctional Care program proposes to convert to an electronic medical records system. The City’s Correctional Care operation provides medical care to persons in custody of the Los Angeles Police Department at three detention facilities also known as medical dispensaries – the Metro Detention Center, 77th Street Jail and the Van Nuys Jail. Around-the-clock medical services are administered to detainees by physicians, advance practice medical providers and correctional care nurses with oversight by the Medical Services Division located in the Metro area of downtown. 
03/17/16 Google Innovation Lab for LA City Bring the Google Innovation Lab to work with City departments and provide expert “mentorship”, Google developer, software Suite and Mapping access to create a culture of innovation, which will allow the City to innovate often and well.  
03/17/16 Kayak the LA River with Eric Garcetti - A VR - 3D Experience In conjunction with Jaunt (, a Fast Company "World's 50 Most Innovative Companies 2016" company, USC’s School for Cinematic Arts, the Mayor, ITA's Channel 35/ has a project that will create a virtual, 3-D tour of the LA River with Eric Garcetti. 
The goal is to:
·      Bring the River experience to the public in a visual and engaging way;
·      Connect neighborhoods to the River and encourage people to consider the River for recreation, learning, and engagements;
·      Illustrate how the revitalization project will enhance the quality of life, add green space and strengthen communities by restoring the River to a vibrant green corridor.
·      highlight the use of innovative video/web media technology, and encourage the expansion of VR technology business in Los Angeles, the "media capital" of the world.
The project will be aired on Ch. 35, and highlighted on, Ch 35's website, and made available for posting on other websites.
03/15/16 SAve Energy and the Environment I love the idea of turning off the lights and computers on Friday for earth day. I was wondering if there is a Citywide policy encouraging and requesting everyone in the City with a computer (other than those required to keep them on for necessary/emergency purposes) to off their computer and lights every night?
03/14/16 Drafting Bin A Drafting Bin is a rubbish container that has been modified to hold a significant amount of water (500 gallons), provide for a discharge supply to a pumping apparatus and to allow for the discharged water to be pumped back into the bin. The Drafting Bin will serve as an above ground drafting pit. Because the Drafting Bin is a modified rubbish container, it has the capability of being moved to and from different locations utilizing the wheels and/or forklift fork pockets provided. The drafting bin can be used as mobile, alternate source of water supply for the fire department in cases of water main compromise or when a source of supply is needed in a remote area. The drafting bins were also developed to save water during training evolutions. When utilized during engine pumping exercises, the drafting bin can provide a source of water that can used to flow water to hoselines which are than directed back into the drafting bin.
03/07/16 Police Records Digitization The Personnel Department, Public Safety Division is proposing to preserve LAPD Historic Records of employee backgrounds from Microfilm to DVD. 
03/03/16 Ambulance Resource Controller My “What IF” idea is to create a new, innovative LAFD position called the Ambulance Resource Controller (ARC) within our Metro Fire Communications Center (MFC) to closely monitor Rescue Ambulances when they transport patients to the hospital.  This will optimize the availability of our paramedics so that they can more quickly become available for another 911 emergency incident.  This is a position that would be staffed by a Dispatcher trained on the new ARC protocol.  When not monitoring Paramedics in at a hospital, this position will serve as an additional Call Taker to assist with our increased 911 call volume.
03/02/16 The Dynamic Door A product for officers to train for one of the most dangerous tasks faced daily- building entry and  searches. The product would make a quick set up in facilities to practice entries or even recreate a challenge officers faced and how it was solved. The product is a door and frame on each side of the frame is a hinge connected to walls with wheels under them. More walls can be added or removed, and the wheels allow movement to increase or decease the angles in the room. The last wall can be part of the building it is in, and set to lead to another door, hallway, stairs, etc. The door can be removed and replaced to open outward, or with sheets, curtains, or other obstacles. A ceiling can be added to replicate open attics or catwalks, low light, or extremely bright environments.
02/25/16 I Love to Work for the City Task Force Organize a task force of employment attorneys and management trainers to update and improve personnel procedures and policies following a review of appeals, lawsuits, settlements, and grievances filed over last 25 years, and current management and human resources theory, and the recent report generated regarding how to improve fire department hiring. Train staff Citywide in new management and personnel administration techniques, policy, procedures.
02/22/16 GoLA Temporary Sign Posting This project would allow improve temporary tow away sign post tracking and allow citizens to verify sign authenticity through the GoLA or similar app.
02/20/16 Pedestrian Street Cleaners Use the Mayor's "Clean Street Initiative" money wiser by investing in 100 new Pedestrian Street Cleaner positions--to operate full-time and everyday; as opposed to gathering only "monthly" cleanup efforts...

Those jobs could be filled by homeless/formerly homeless; thus taking care of two "problems" at once!!

02/18/16 Secondary Unit Prototypes What if we could prototype an emerging kind of housing in Los Angeles, one that costs less than $150,000 to build, fits within the existing fabric of our neighborhoods, provides income opportunities to homeowners, and room for families to grow?
02/17/16 311 Promoting Poop Bag Holders WHAT IF everyone with a dog became an extra set of eyes to clean up our streets and alleys?
02/10/16 Street Lighting Night Evaluation using Flying Droids Using Flying Droids for Night Field Check of Street Lighting system in the City of LA as phase 1, then for day time field checks as phase 2
02/05/16 Fire Prevention Management Portal  LA Business owners, LAFD Fire Department and the Office of Finance could use an integrated web based application to submit, process and manage LA City Fire Code required "Operational Permits." Providing a common Fire Department business portal for City Business owners to apply for, be notified through and maintain their required fire permits would provide a more business friendly environment for the owner and a better management & tracking system for both Departments. The current system is broken causing unnecessary delays in processing and millions of dollars in revenue to be lost in the ongoing renewal billing process.
01/29/16 Candidate Activity Tracker What if there was an instrument that would assist police officer recruits in attaining a satisfactory level of physical fitness; achieve a passing score on the Physical Fitness Qualifier (PFQ); and prepare them for successfully passing the police academy?

There is!  An activity tracker is that device.  An activity tracker is an instrument for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as physical activity, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep.  By conducting an in-depth analysis of their eating, activity and sleep patterns the candidates will be able to make better choices and achieve goals smarter and faster.

01/28/16 Item Bank Test Management System The Personnel Department, Selection Division is proposing to replace the LXR Item Bank/Test Management System. 
01/28/16 NP at Dispatch Pilot What if the LAFD could have a Nurse Practitioner working at the 911 dispatch center so that low acuity calls could be more thoroughly screened to determine those calls which can be processed without the need to dispatch an emergency resource? The NP would be able to safely determine if certain 911 calls could be handled by referring patients to community health clinics, dispatching the LAFD Nurse Practitioner Response Unit (NPRU), or by dispatching a taxi for transport. This could greatly decrease the call load and the unnecessary dispatch of scarce emergency resources and ambulance transport of low acuity patients.
01/22/16 airport freeway message boards Freeway message boards for the airport on the 105 & 405 freeways
01/18/16 myVoteLA Add an additional banner on My 311 application (between the two current rows).
01/14/16 E-signature  To automate and incorporate e-signature technology improving the City Clerk’s legislative processing and create greater efficiencies in continuing efforts to be the best run city government.
01/12/16 City Contract Intranet An Intranet website to Catalog City Contracts for City wide use.
01/05/16 Team 630 The city has done a great job analyzing data and making data available to the public. The opportunity is to encourage more data enthusiasts to take part in the effort to perform data projects that the city would not be able to perform due to limited resources. My idea is to create a data analytics platform or a nonprofit organization that connects the city and data enthusiasts. The platform would recruit data enthusiasts as volunteers, equip them with the right skills and necessary knowledge (through webinars and conferences), and team them up for different data projects that help the city run more intelligently. The platform would work directly with the city governments to identify potentials projects and collect data. In addition, the platform would work with some third party software vendors, so that volunteers have access to licensed software. 
01/03/16 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Testing part of a Lateral Transfer Selection As part of a selection process for a lateral transfer opportunity, a Division/Bureau/Department can use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  The test allows potential employers to decide the type of person is required for the job.  Understanding an employee’s type will allow them to excel in their work.  Employees who are able to thrive in the workplace are happier and more willing to come to work.  Hence, if applied, the MBTI can also assist in the reduced abuse of sick time use.
Additionally, knowing each colleague’s MBTI type may lessen misunderstandings in the workplace.  A lack of understanding of each employee’s type and needs causes conflict, reduces productivity, and results in a hostile work environment.
12/24/15 Los Angeles in the 21st Century Treat internet as a public utility,  Add internet services to DWP's area of control, eliminate outside cable companies.
12/18/15 Electronic Statement of Personal History “eSoph” Electronic Background Investigation Software The Personnel Department, Public Safety Division is proposing an electronic web based background investigation software system for Firefighter recruitment. 
12/18/15 Electronic Digital X-Ray Production The Personnel Department, Medical Services Division (MSD), Occupational Health is proposing conversion from chemical to electronic digital X-Ray production.
MSD is responsible for pre-employment, work fitness, return to duty and mandated Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) exams.  MSD is on track to convert all medical records to digital and it would only be fitting that they transition outdated imaging processes to a more efficient digital system.
12/06/15 Youth Volunteer Program What if it was mandatory for all City of LA parks to have a their own version of a Youth Volunteer Program? This program allows all community teens and preteens to sign up to be volunteers for park events. This program helps parks get extra assistance for events, helps teens work for their required community service hours, gets teens involved in the park and the community, and hopefully motivates teens and preteens to register for summer camp programs.

It is currently successful at Rustic Canyon Recreation Center and requires low to no cost to conduct.

11/10/15 Idea 2: call and convey information Another outstanding feature of LA is cosmopolitan, where Hollywood turns to be one of its landmarks, a haunt of celebs, focus of international media attentions. Art galleries, museums; exhibition rooms, display fashion rooms are rife in LA, most of which are exceedingly crowdedly multicultural centers. For the purpose of illustration, a person at a museum where often a guider explains the commodities inside the museum, would not hear the guider sound owing to overcrowded, he cannot find a guider or not feel good with them, and it is hard for people with different languages and so forth. A cellphone, and a USSD service or the like which help people to use some information about the museum by calling a number and hear some brief information about on behalf of guider. The USSC of museum has a definite number on its menu different parts of museum introduced and classified so by send back the number on the USSD they being called and hear some information about the museum. 
11/10/15 Idea 1: Metro for Bike Riders LA has reached international prominence because it is the most innovative sustainable city and its Mediterranean climate makes the city to be extremely pleasant to ride a bike to work, but it is a metropolis, and ridding for long distance would be a real exertion. In this city some metro station should be allocate to bike rider, and they can get in the vicinity of their destination by their bike. They would use metro, as do passengers, but in a little differences.  Some different stations should be allocated to riders, while being on their bike can entre to station providing ticket and then stand in columns waiting against the metro wagon gates. Its gates is resemblance of garage door.  When the riders on their bike they enter to the wagon and the same column is inside, so it capacity of the wagon is showed by columns which separated with each other by bars. (the rest are explained in the cost section because there was not enough space) 
11/10/15 Pop-up Bikeway What if the City could put in a temporary "pop up" bikeway as part of its public outreach process?  
11/04/15 Workplace Health Compliance Officer "WHCO" What if the LAFD could reduce its workers compensation expenditures (currently at approx. $40 million) by 10%? What if the LAFD was able to reduce employee injury and illness through safer workplace practices and provide for better wellness programs?
11/04/15 Catch Basin Insert and Trash Receptacle A device that provides an easy way to clean and maintain any catch basin and protect the environment
10/23/15 Recoup Commonplace Pension Overpayments Through Existing Contracts with Collection Agencies The City is the Plan Sponsor for the Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System (LACERS) and the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Plan (LAFPP), (together, the Plans).  That means that the City ultimately foots the bill each year for unrecovered overpayments.

The Plans' existing overpayment recoupment procedures are fully compliant with Internal Revenue Service guidelines.  But the City, as the Plan Sponsor that ultimately foots the bill for these overpayments, can and should do more to collect them.  Referring these overpayments to collections agencies through existing City contracts would be an efficient and virtually cost-less way to attempt to collect at least a percentage of these commonplace overpayments.  

10/22/15 Cross Over Valve Installation RE: Using Reclaimed Water Instead of Fresh Water For Cooling Water.
Subject: Installation Of Cross Over Valve At Service Water Facility Between High Pressure Effluent line and Reclaimed Water Line Located At Basement (North East Area).
10/22/15 Silver Tsunami Legacy System What if we build various library Google Sites for each City job classification for succession training of younger employees to prepare for the Silver Tsunami (greying of the City workforce and anticipated onslaught of retirees leaving the City)?  The data in each of the google sites would be accessed by employees voluntarily without being paid, and encompass areas of knowledge required for each type of position.  This could be supplemented by the Personnel Department's other training site already available and their existing training program.
10/22/15 Run your own reports Eliminate duplicative reporting.  The Mayor's Office has asked Departments to send special fund revenue reports to the Mayor's Office. 

Revenue fund reports are already included in monthly Departmental reports to the CAO/Mayor, why wouldn't the CAO be tasked with compiling a revenue report to the mayor as part of their reviews?  In addition, the City just spent millions of dollars implementing a new Finanical Management System and has made big noise about how transparent we are not that all of our financial information is posted on line.  Why isn't the Mayor's office using this resource to generate the required revenue information rather than having each department submit a separate report.  It seems to me this falls under the category of being a best run City.  

10/22/15 My Parking LA What if we could place an NFC asset tag on every meter in the City that would allow the citizen to scan the meter asset tag and all of the information for that meter and zone would be stored on the citizens phone. The information stored would tell the citizen the following:
a. Meter number
b. Meter rates for the location
c. The location of the meter
d. The parking restrictions for the meter zone
e. Whether the meter was operational at the time they parked at the

This would help the citizen in acquiring the information needed to make a decision on whether to park at the location thus preventing citizens from receiving needless citations due to parking restrictions that were being enforced in the area. It would not eliminate the issuance of citations, but it would allow the citizen to make an informed decision prior to parking their vehicle at the location. It could also help the citizen locate their vehicle if they forgot where they parked. 

10/21/15 Cross Over Valve To Provide Cooling Water Using reclaimed water instead of costly fresh water from Metropolitan Water District to provide cooling water when high pressure effluent is not available at the Hyperion Treatment Plant.
10/21/15 LAFD SOBER Project To create a new, innovative LAFD resource called  “SOBER: The SOBering center Emergency Resource”. This is an LAFD ambulance that will be staffed by a Firefighter/Paramedic and a social worker. This would provide an alternative solution to the increasing problem of chronic alcoholic patients (“serial inebriates”) who are high frequency users of the 911 EMS system.
The LAFD SOBER unit will work closely with a new, free standing Sobering Center being opened in the skid row area. The problem of serial inebriates and homelessness is a growing issue for the City of Los Angeles, adversely impacting our community and tying up scarce LAFD emergency resources.  The SOBER project is an opportunity to get serial inebriates the help that they need instead of continuing the futile cycle of repeated ambulance transports.
10/20/15 Critical Backup for Dark Intersections Supply 100% Green Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Critical Backup Power for Key Traffic Control Intersections and Rail Crossings.  
10/20/15 Absentee Public Comment (online) What if we provided an avenue for individuals who could not physically attend Neighborhood Council meetings either due to time-restriction, scheduling conflict or physical inability the opportunity to have their voices heard on a particular agenda item or during public comment?
10/17/15 ComImprov Communications Improvement: Hands Free Radio and Enclosed Hearing Protection
10/16/15 AutomateA&M What IF Idea: Automation Of Management And Administration
By automating both management and administration, elimination of mayors, board members, committees, could reduce costs to the taxpayer. Essentially, every city faces similar issues and concerns and instead of paying for a mayor and city council members in each and every city in California and the entire United States, automation could eliminate salaries, pensions, benefit costs to the taxpayer in the hundred of millions of dollars monthly.
10/15/15 On Line Safety Compliance Training What if on line training for mandatory safety and compliance courses were made available to complete during normally scheduled work shifts, instead of "short turn arounds" causing personnel to attend Day Shift with little or no sleep and being up for 29 hours generating over time and costing the taxpayer's money needlessly. Driving vehicles with little or no sleep causes accidents that result in loss of life and injuries to both City personnel and the innocent public as well.
10/15/15 LAFD Fast Response Vehicle (FRV) What if the LAFD had a fast, mobile, paramedic-staffed advanced life support unit that could quickly respond to critical 911 EMS calls to provide rapid patient assessment and initiate time-critical medical care? 
10/14/15 sadf saf
10/09/15 Sustainable JIT Emergency Power Using  solar PV panels and high efficiency battery storage for emergency power.

The battery storage units can be made mobile and used daily to offset peak demand electrical rates at City facilities. The cost savings will pay for the financed battery systems: they will be available for deployment during an emergency event to be partnered with a mobile solar array.

Solar PV arrays mounted to shipping containers for deployment in a catastrophic event. These containers would be stored under high tension power lines and generate green power daily and the cost of this portion of the project would be funded by the revenue generated through DWP's "Feed-in tariff" program.

During an emergency event the battery storage system would be mated with the container mounted solar array to provide "off the grid" power until the electricity can be restored. This power could be a replacement for back-up generator sets generally used in this application.

10/08/15 On-Line Mandatory Safety Re-Training RE: Mandatory Safety Training
Subject: On Line Mandatory Safety Training

Instead of requiring personnel to attend day time Mandatory Safety Training, on-line training could be provided during normally assigned Swing and Graveyard Shifts to prevent short turn around causing falling asleep at the wheel during commutes from Swing or Graveyard Shifts (29 hours up with only 1 hour sleep) that jeopardizes the public's safety needlessly.

10/07/15 Biking LA Can the City provide a subsidy to buy a bike preferably foldable?  this will encourage people to cycle instead of driving.  It will increase physical health and decrease health premiums in the long run
10/06/15 "LADOT" Theme song LADOT needs to be branded audibly by sound.  What if LADOT had a theme song/music video to be featured on its website and throughout social media?  A video highlighting several of the LADOT departments with a theme song can also be produced visually highlighting the many departments and employee diversity.

I have a song for the department that only needs to be licensed.

10/05/15 Escape Card What if you had a resource card that was durable, specific to your needs and told you where to go and who to contact to get you back on your feet quickly and effectively? 
10/05/15 Homeless Hire Program For major construction and other service labor contracts, require a percentage of the workforce to be from the homeless and near-homeless (at high risk, or in transition back and forth between homelessness and not). Similar, to the set-aside in project budgets and contracts for public art and requirements about hiring local, or economically-disadvantaged workers, this would require hirings directly from reasonably qualified homeless persons and would require a corresponding outreach program to the homeless community to publicize the job opportunities, assist with applications, and verify as much as possible the applicants' housing statuses and qualifications/experience.
10/05/15 Building A Better Escape Route What if we could stem the tide of homelessness in the City by creating a better more coordinated Emergency Shelter and Rapid Re-Housing program that not only coordinates the City's already existent resources, but that gave at-risk homeless the ability to get back on their feet without making them ever feel that they have fallen too far to get back up? 
10/02/15 Bus and train path, stations and stop beautification. "What if"  the sidewalks and parkways along commercial boulevards and avenues around the inner ring urban area (which are heavily used by pedestrians), were actually clean, beautiful ad inviting.  
10/01/15 Bulky Item drop off The BULKY ITEM program is not working
What if the city placed roll off dumpsters in areas of the city that are cheaper than the Bradley dump that are manned by personnel that would charge a fee for the bulky items to be placed into the bin.
 Example 20.00 for a king-sized mattress set.   20.00 for a couch.
Also what if the fines on dumping were raised so that if an anonymous person took a picture that lead to a dumping conviction they would receive reward. … I love this city and I find it more out of control. As a group we need to fix problems of quality of life first. And find a way of getting things done  that don’t require the city paying out but at least breaking even. 
Dan J. Haecker
Senior Inspector
HCIDLA c/o Systematic Code Enforcement Program
10/01/15 Efficient use of Land California is a state where land is abundant. There is also a large homeless population pitching tents throughout the city. What if we use an empty plot of land and used shipping containers to house the homeless people of LA? A community where they'll have a roof over their head and a sense of community. It would not be permanent but a cost-effective housing solution for those who are down and out but are hopeful for a better future. These communities can house people in a safe environment while they try to turn their lives around. See below for the basis of this idea.

09/06/15 External Email Recipient Read Receipt Technology Implement external email recipient read receipt technology, to replace the use of fax machines and certified mail with return receipt.
08/11/15 Water Well My idea is to place 7 feet x 7 feet x 7 feet concrete box in front lawn area of customers that would like to participate and connect rain down spouts to fill these reservoirs when it rains, also an ordinance requiring that all new homes have these boxes installed in LA County, this would cut our dependency on water by half if fully implemented.

Box would be good for 25 years and there would be an access at the top for maintenance, there wouldn’t be any mosquitos since its underground. it would be given free with one year free maintenance included, after that property owner is responsible, it would come with a sumpump or a hand pump to help with irrigation.

08/07/15 Solution To The Pollution  What if the City of Los Angeles innovation & performance commission can help Solution To The Pollution Charity. So STTPC is able to with community needs: infrastructure, shelters, hospitals, education, school, kids, urgent medical, and more opportunities for Veterans, disable, seniors, My name is Jesse Joseph. I am looking to create jobs and opportunities for felons, disable, senoirs, and Veterans and at the same time the opportunities services/feeds the need. I have a goal to open up two shelters thats are foreclose buildings donated by Chase Bank to provent from wasteful spending on a new building with a workforce. I have a charity that is built to help with these needs. Why don't we get the people with no money to build things that the people with money needs for a lower rate so a percentage is able to support the people without money to make life easier. I want to make a difference. Please help me to help others. 
07/31/15 Gesundheit! Making the Sky Sneeze – A Pilot Project to Conduct Controlled Burns Triggering Rain Events "Gesundheit! Making the Sky Sneeze – A Pilot Project to Conduct Controlled Burns Triggering Rain Events"

Solve the water supply crisis and wildfire problem by conducting proactive controlled burns that trigger rain events.

07/30/15 Tree Makeover I have a suggestion regarding street trees in LA.  We are a mostly urban environment, and we have those pesky Ficus trees that have overgrown the sidewalks.  However parts of the city have new trees being planted now that are not compatible with the environment or the low-scale architecture of many of our Boulevards.  The Department of Urban Forestry is embarrassing our city yet again by planting these Evergreens that have needles as leaves.  I've seen new ones planted along La Cienega, La Brea and 1st Street in Boyle Heights, among many other streets.  We are not a foothill community, these are not attractive city streets.  Can anything be done to replace them with more appropriate trees such as Jacarandas, Magnolias or  other deciduous trees that are found in every other major city in the world?  Must we always be a second-rate city, even our street trees signify that we don't get things right.  
07/13/15 Greenways to Rivers Arterial Stormwater System What if the City provided a tool to accompany our sustainability pLAn and supportinve of the objectives of our EWMP's, One Water Guiding Principles, IRWM Plan, LID, LADWP/SWCMP and DCP missions?

What if designers were encouraged to connect   transit innovations ( … already occurring in LA!) water projects (water supply and water quality) from both the Public and Private realms?

What if Transportation and Stormwater had a frank TECHNICALLY driven workshop that guided policy?

What if Transportation and Stormwater had a frank TECHNICALLY driven workshop that guided policy?

What if the Federal EPA chose LOS ANGELES' idea as one of 4 Cities (with Grand Rapids, New Orleans, and Albuquerque) to lead a charett on how the jurisdictional agencies could speak on needs and design from an academic perspective to see waht could be done before pre-determining what can't be done?

(See Matt Petersen Re; EPA Desing Charette, September 24th, 2015)

07/08/15 City Fitness Program What if… the City allows, within a three-year trial period, employees to spend 30-minutes per workday for physical fitness.  This City-paid time can be spent for any physical fitness activity of the employee’s choice, and is in addition to breaks and meal-periods. The following are some recommended requirements:
- Time used must be approved by the supervisor.  A supervisor can choose to not allow the use of the physical fitness time if he/she believes there is a work priority or the employee is behind on completing work assignments.
- Employee must have at least one coworker joining the activity.  The presence of another employee can be a witness if a Workers’ Compensation injury is claimed.
- If fraudulent activity is founded because of the existence of this program, the program must end immediately. 
07/07/15 CHX Leadership Training Pilot This pilot program will test the waters for a larger implementation of leadership training, with the end goal of establishing a model where Los Angeles pioneers a new standard for empowering city government workers. The pilot program will take place within the Information Technology Agency.

Cambridge Leadership’s curriculum resonates most strongly with my agenda for the project since their approach is steeped in academic research and data-driven results. Started by Harvard & Columbia University academics, the company draws on over 20 years of research and their work with 25,000 leaders. I have third-party verification of their efficacy via Viacom, who works closely with Cambridge in providing leadership training for Viacom’s extensive workforce. For more information about Cambridge’s methodology, please visit

To ensure a holistic approach to the training, we’ll include 3 supplemental seminars:

- Mindful Meditation
- Finance
- Personal Presentation

06/11/15 Care for all Healthcare for part-time employees
06/11/15 New studies for smart design and low-impact construction Studies in arts and mathematics has given me an appreciation for beauty and functionality and LA can be a city thats in tune with nature, extremely efficient, and entirely self-reliant.From capturing storm water to relieving traffic congestion, what we need are smaller, less disruptive, and more focused projects throughout the city.A well placed mathematical algorithm could pinpoint many problem areas that can be modified according to the needs of the community.These simple ideas are quiet complicated in practice but with careful attention and smart studies can become standard practice. Our modern city must have everything, from appreciation of nature to all the amenities that make Los Angeles a city for everyone.
06/11/15 Step by Step Close Hollywood Blvd between La Brea and Highland.  Create a pedestrian-friendly meeting place.
06/07/15 Recycle unused hot asphalt / street Grindings  Recycling unused hot asphalt after paving the streets and baging it to use in potholes throughout  D city. Cost savings to the city no need to buy from private sourse  it's what is called cold patch. it can Also B offered to Different hardware stores to sell to D public for small or big jobs 
06/04/15 Emergency Information Center I am proposing an Emergency Information Center (EIC), which will be a facility (location identified and approved within the LAFD DOC) to enable the monitoring of social media and traditional media, the developing of real-time situation status, identification of messaging priorities, development of essential messages in concert with PIO staff and DOC staff, and dissemination of information via social media and traditional media.

An existing room within the LAFD DOC will be adapted for this function and staffed by the Public Service Officer (PSO) and on-call DOC staff during emergencies, large-scale events, and at other times as dictated by the situation.

The funding will allow the acquisition of additional technology and configuring of existing systems. Some equipment has already been obtained, but additional funds are needed.

05/29/15 Emergency Information Center I am proposing an Emergency Information Center (EIC), which will be a facility (location identified and approved within the LAFD DOC) to enable the monitoring of social media and traditional media, the developing of real-time situation status, identification of messaging priorities, development of essential messages in concert with PIO staff and DOC staff, and dissemination of information via social media and traditional media.

An existing room within the LAFD DOC will be adapted for this function and staffed by the Public Service Officer (PSO) and on-call DOC staff during emergencies, large-scale events, and at other times as dictated by the situation.

The funding will allow the acquisition of additional technology and configuring of existing systems. Some equipment has already been obtained, but additional funds are needed.

05/28/15 ELC on Wheels My "What If idea" is whether the Sanitation Bureau or Department of Public Works in General could create an Environmental Learning Center (ELC) on wheels. Having a mobile, interactive display that teaches people about water and energy conservation as well as waste management and urban greening would help the city to communicate and connect with people on a wider scale. The ELC is an excellent educational resource for people of all ages but it can be difficult to access for people in some parts of LA. An ELC on wheels could be featured at city events that have to do with sustainability or utilities, such as Sanitation Open Houses, Rain barrel Give Aways, or Arbor Days. The designs and ideas for such an ELC on Wheels already exist, and I believe so does the motivation for such an educational outreach resource. 
05/25/15 stop driving around we need signs 2 inform the public the other option than driving around til the person or persons exit the terminal 4 pick up.On the back side of administration east (airport return road) put up 2 signs. first sign states:STOP DRIVING AROUND.PARK & WAIT AT THE LAX CELL PHONE WAITING LOT.(Bottom of sign shows map of where cell phone lot is located).Sign #2 states:STOP DRIVING AROUND.PARK AT THE TERMINAL PARKING LOT THE FIRST HOUR IS ONLY $3,FIRST 15 MINUTES ARE FREE
05/14/15 LAFD Partner Health & Service Clinics  Setup a partnerships with the LAFD, local hospitals, Department of Aging, LAPD, Housing Authority, mental health, charitable service providers and the Los Angeles County Department of Health (DHS). To provide health and services clinics to better serve the citizens of Los Angeles.   
05/13/15 Stop the Madness In the Department of Public Works, eliminate the need to identify specific funds/accounts when requesting to execute contracts for routine operations.
05/13/15 Enter Once Allow the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation to enter its own purchasing data into the City's Financial Management System.
05/06/15 Business Friendly Procurement Currently the City's BAVN system is extremely limited in terms of how it could serve the City's procurement needs and ease of contracting for businesses and individuals. Departments need lots of back up documents and signed City policies from potential contractors before we can contract with them. It would be great to have one system where contractors could upload their documents that would be proprietary and confidential. This way contractors don't have to provide the same documents over and over again to different departments every time they get a new contract. Lastly, BAVN should have all pertinent information on the contractor/consultant including BTRC and Federal ID numbers.
05/05/15 EV Charging Station Street Lighting Pole Install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations connected to existing street lighting circuitry and be permanently attached to street lighting poles in the right of way.  By using existing infrastructure, the City can eliminate construction costs commonly associated with these installations.
05/01/15 Digital Police Reports What if we had an electronic system for LAPD reports and City Attorney case files. LAPD writes their police reports on computers already. If they never printed their police reports, and emailed them to filing prosecutors, it would save enormous costs in paper and printer toner. And with Electronic Police reports, City Attorney Prosecutors could use computer tablets in court instead of lugging heavy case files, where photos and CDs and other pieces of evidence can go missing. 
04/29/15 Printer/Copier Grading The City should develop some software that would allow any networked printer/copier to be used as a "ScanTron" machine. 

The City could use this throughout the Councils/Departments and the LAUSD and license it for commercial use.

04/24/15 GoSweeperGo My idea was this: install small LED lights on parking signs that are on sweeping routes. These lights can change from green (parking OK) to red (parking not OK) when the street sweeper passes by. The sweeper will be equipped with a sensor as so will the sign. When the sweeper passes the light will turn green. This way you can tell if the sweeper has passed by or not, thus letting motorists know whether they can park or not. Trains currently use this technology. The train itself and the rails are equipped with the sensors. When the train passes one of these sensors on the rail it sends a signal to the traffic control center letting them know which train passed that sensor, how fast it was going, et
04/23/15 Operation Interview. A simple, systematic plan to enhance the overall job interview process for the City of Los Angeles.
04/22/15 Crime reduction ideas  a more efficient way to solve crimes using dept computer system and documenting reckless drivers city wide in order to arrest hit and run drivers and connect to criminals to the fleeing veh.
04/10/15 Public Works Special Forces Public Works Special Forces (PWSF)
Create multi-disciplinary maintenance, repair, and beautification crews for public streets that combine staff from LADOT, Street Services, Street Lighting, Contract Administration (inspection), and Engineering, and Sanitation. Empower these crews to work a block at a time and fix every problem they possibly can on several blocks per day.

Fixes: potholes, sidewalk damage, curb paint, empty tree wells, damaged signs, graffiti, overgrown trees, etc. A day's work for the PWSF crews will improve whole blocks with a "makeover" that looks great, is pleasant to use, and fixes infrastructure problems that would worsen over time. Crews should have tools and materials to make a variety of fixes.

PWSF crews should have "just take care of it" authority for routine and small fixes. They should also fix intermediate issues, but would check first with an engineer or inspector mobile smartphones or tablets to instantly communicate with staff and supply yards.

04/07/15 Median Design Competition Creating a "Kit of Parts" for median projects that include streamlined permitting and little to no irrigation to address the drought conditions and the blue prints for communities wishing to overhaul their community medians
04/07/15 El Pueblo Parking Automation To greatly improve revenue generation, customer service, and extend operating hours by automating El Pueblo parking lots.

El Pueblo wishes to apply a phased in approach to help modernize operations at the five parking lots surrounding the City's birthplace.

04/03/15 LA River SPACES Prepare underutilized public places for physical improvement backed by community-based, private-sector, or grant funders by dedicating City staff to complete the necessary up-front work to designate the SPACES, do preliminary engineering, execute use or right-of-way agreements, and create a menu of enhancements for funders to implement. Commit to the maintenance of the completed SPACES projects to leverage the third-party capital investment. Pilot the program at three to five street-end intersections at the LA River, which can serve as public access points to the LA River Bikeway and Greenway, provide community pocket parks, and contribute to water quality and supply goals of the City.  
04/03/15 LA River Safe Management by Analysis in Real-Time (LA River SMART) Monitor, manage, and operate the LA River (River) in real-time by using networked data collection and analysis to understand and react to conditions in the River. LA River SMART will capture data about river flows and precipitation in its watershed to inform government personnel and the public and launch automatic noticing (e.g., lights, signals) and access restrictions (e.g., messaging, gate closures) as appropriate.  The LA River SMART system of sensors attached to public infrastructure (e.g., existing bridges) will result in alerts to increase public safety and expand recreational possibilities. This would also help characterize water flow throughout the year and evaluate long-term trends and allow the public sector to plan accurately. This system is being explored by the engineering firm GeoSyntec who are developing a pilot program based on successful cases worldwide. Our proposal is to support their effort by purchasing three additional sensors to be placed on City bridges.
04/03/15 Grown in LA: LA River Watershed Native Plant Nursery Network What if the City of LA helped establish a native plant nursery network that would provide healthier landscapes that support a more resilient diversity of wildlife while reducing our use of water and energy? The Council for Watershed Health (CWH), Urban Waters Federal Partnership (UWFP), National Park Service and other local LA River stakeholders are taking an innovative approach to plant cultivation by focusing on “hyper-local” plant stock and planning for long-term regional needs. The aim of the project is to establish a network of nurseries on publicly-owned land that will produce plants that are native to the LA River watershed. The Army Corps project alone aims to restore up to 700 acres, but the current nursery trade cannot supply large quantities of native plants. Known as “Grown in LA,” the project has the potential to be an innovative nexus for job training, research, and education. The project will create jobs in addition to creating shrubs and trees. 
04/03/15 LARiverHub What if LA River information, outreach, and journalism was housed in one location on the internet and was put together and maintained by experts in online media to create the best user experience possible with rich, irresistible content? What if all of this information was accessible through a location-aware smartphone app to further enhance people’s experiences at the LA River and to draw new visitors? And what if the highly-regarded public media station KCET could spearhead exactly such a resource?
04/03/15 RiverLAbs Debt Management: description seems sparse. Can we add another sentence about the things they do? managing debt issuance, disclosures, refinancing, etc?
04/03/15 LARiverHub What if LA River information, outreach, and journalism was housed in one location on the internet and was put together and maintained by experts in online media to create the best user experience possible and rich content. What if all of this information was accessible through a location-aware smartphone app to further enhance people’s experiences at the LA River and to draw new visitors. And what if the highly-regarded public media station KCET could spearhead exactly such a resource.
04/03/15 RiverLAb RiverLAbs would be pop-up classrooms, innovation centers and incubators which would be located along the 51 miles of the Los Angeles River (River). Each RiverLAb would be housed in a re-purposed shipping container and would be adapted to a specific educational, research, or artistic use. The small and portable LAbs could be fit into atypical sites and located nearer to the river than traditional facilities.
03/23/15 Street Cars Street cars that run down Sunset Blvd.  From downtown to the ocean.  LA is in imagine conscience place.  Put something out there that people would want to ride. 
There are several mega projects dotting Sunset right now.  Traffic is already clogged.  Time for action is now.

Protected bicycle lanes would be a blessing too!

03/21/15 Vocational Worker Program What if the City of Los Angeles bring back the Vocational Worker Program that they used to have years ago so that the part-time employees who have been working for the City for more that 7 years and cannot pass the City examination can have the opportunity to work full-time.
03/21/15 VOCATIONAL WORKER PROGRAM What if we bring back the Vocational Worker Program that the City of Los Angeles used to have so that the part-time employees who have not passed the City examination to become full-time will have the opportunity to work 40 hours a week.  The opportunity can help the part-time employees who have been working for the City for more than 7 years and cannot pass the City exam.
03/15/15 Making the city look pretty. My "What If" idea is that every resident of South East should maintain there street clean; the community of South east should help out in order to have clean streets. I believe my idea should become a law in order to save money in cleaning streets. This law would benefit the streets and it's citizens because the streets are going to look cleaner and pretty. 
03/12/15 Film2Future The City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission (City HRC) seeks support from the Innovation and Performance Commission to fund Film 2 Future (F2F):  A Mobile Film Project Highlighting LA’s Dynamic Youth.  The moving training facility allows participants to expand their skill sets from the heart of their own neighborhoods.  The project offers technical and theoretical skills building to disadvantaged youth and young adults with an interest in pursuing non-traditional career paths in the entertainment industry.  In line with the Mayor’s priorities, the entertainment and film industry is noted as one of key sectors to help increase employment and business revenues.  The F2F proposal incorporates training and skills development to help promote a new pipeline of trained local workforce into the film sector which will provide good jobs and an avenue for youth.  It also offers a dynamic medium to affect positive changes, promote pluralism, and influence critical social challenges. 
03/12/15 Application Printing Enhancement What if we had the ability within our civil service exam processing program to allow us to select only certain specific information fields of the application, in order to create a pdf document which would require no redaction at all? The final product would be only the information that raters/board members need to see in order to make a balanced, unbiased assessment of a candidate’s skills, training, experience, knowledge and abilities.
03/10/15 Just Give It to Them Instead of paying the contractor to presses the over 420,000 tons per year at or near 49 per ton of green waste, there is a company that is willing to buy it.
03/09/15 Citywide Cloud Computing - Managing and Measuring Innovation Citywide Cloud Computing - Managing and Measuring Innovation

Facilitating City technical staff to leverage a cadre of cloud computing providers through the use of "cloud management" software - CliqR.  This would:
-  free City operations from capacity and cost constraints of strictly on premise "metal" (hardware);
-  create the freedom and flexibility to rapidly respond to City operational needs; while
-  providing City staff with a single, common standard cloud management tool to smartly leverage multiple cloud feature/pricing options and provide measurable data on IT systems use vs. cost.

03/01/15 The environment needs you! My idea is to save the environment and the cleanliness of the streets and squares of the city.
Environmental Department.
In Stockholm "I'm Swedish", this little tube will save 40 million per year, the cost of picking up cigarette butts that smokers throw on the streets.
02/27/15 Online Voting for Neighborhood Council Elections Provide the Neighborhood Council stakeholders the ability to vote online for their 2016 Neighborhood Council elections.
02/26/15 Smartphone Dispatch of Pothole Trucks and Tree Emergency Crews  Use GPS enabled-smartphones to efficiently dispatch pothole trucks and tree emergency crews, while providing timely notifications to constituents of completed service requests.
02/25/15 Technology for Neighborhood Councils The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, that works with 97 different, Independent Neighborhood Councils, all made up of Volunteers needs a single, comprehensive and computer  friendly system for the submission of all documents required by Neighborhood Councils.
02/24/15 Digital Services Unit Creating online/digital mechanisms for citizens to utilize city services that typically require in person interactions -- that is, taking processes such as registering for a new business or paying a business tax and making them fully digital. This would save the city costs in terms of management and operations and greatly improve the citizen experience.
02/23/15 Adopt-a-Sidewalk  Waive LADBS building permit fee for sidewalk construction project that an L.A. property owner wants to conduct to fix/improve city sidewalks. 


02/23/15 Bye Bye Vinyl Trash Bags! Not to use a vinyl trash bag in employee's cubicle in the office
02/21/15 TCTMC Permit Submittal and Tracking Have a submit all process/web application to submit to the Traffic Control Traffic Management committee TCTMC.  Currently they process take 1 week to meet with the committee 1 week if you are lucky for them to deliberate or request additional information.  Most. Of the time it takes 3 weeks to get the minutes back and the permits approve.

Having a web submit tall similar to the B-permit office will help expedite the permit process. Track the permit and responses and reduce the amount of paperwork.

It will be best if it's link to the B-permit web page to reduce effort.

02/09/15 Remote Monitoring System for Streetlights Install remote monitoring street lighting system and controls.
02/09/15 Ingles en la biblioteca What if libraries offered ESL classes in partnership with LAUSD
02/09/15 Street Lighting Solar to Grid Renewable energy through the use of solar to grid technology with solar panels on street lighting poles generating electricity transmitted to the LADWP electric grid.
02/09/15 Little LA Libraries What if departments that have joint use can plan events together. i.e. Parks and recreation and libraries. The main and easiest idea being little free libraries in the parks.

Example from Glendale:

02/09/15 Street Lighting EV Charging Stations Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on existing street lighting poles
02/05/15 City Wide Contracts Coordination System Create an exhaustive list of all City Department Contracts with Inter-Departmental access. This process can streamline piggybacking on contracts and even lead to multi-department coordination for contracts. Multiple Departments could attach themselves to the same bid. If a request for bid was sent out simultaneously/notation of multi-Department participation, the bids would be even more competitive.  An announcement would be sent out Inter-Department Wide of intent for a new contract. This will allow for group coordination and for wider use specifications. Wider specifications would allow for more multi-Department bids rather than piggy-backing. Piggy-backing has limitations to the piggyback user as they are unable to amend the contract if needed.  
02/04/15 Escalator not needed Turn off the escalator in the Public Works Building at 1149 S Broadway.
01/29/15 On-Demand HVAC  Using an "on demand" control sequence of operation for the HVAC equipment. 
01/28/15 3d Printed Housing 3D Printed housing for ALL Homeless and Low -Income residents of Los Angeles. 
01/27/15 Level Sports  I recently relocated from Charlotte, NC to LA solely to relaunch my business as I felt this was the perfect place to do so. We had been developing our platform for the past 13 months and are finally launching this year. Because of our concept we were a finalist for a worldwide Nike Competition as well as being accepted into Dan Gilberts accelerator (Owner of Cleveland Cavs). Our idea is to connect, motivate and get people active in the community as well as across the world. We built a gamified fitness platform that allows people to mirror workouts from athletes, trainers, celebrities and their peers while earning points and tracking their progress. 
01/27/15 Money Maker - DCFS Report Charging We charge DCFS for the copies of reports they request. It takes a lot of time pulling and faxing these items to them, which I am getting paid out of LAPD's budget to do, not LA County. Citizens have to pay for their reports, why shouldn't they, especially since, they (DCFS) won't give LAPD a copy of their investigation, stating, "Its confidential".  I faxed approximately 5 reports a week.  Multiply that by the various divisions, factoring in the personnel invovled an its expenisve endeavor. I'm sure I'm not the only D2 doing this.
01/27/15 Money Maker - Mechanic for City Workers It would be a good idea to hire an entry level mechanic at the divisions to conduct simple task, like oil changes and car washes on private vehicles for a nominal fee. This would generate funds for the city, because several people would take advantage of these services being offered while they are working.  I suggested this before and never heard back : ).
01/26/15 LA is Fun Text What if residents in Los Angeles, and families in particular, could text message a phone number and get an auto reply of local activities for residents and youth in particular?
01/26/15 Inspection Drones The use of drones to inspect penstocks and insulators on power poles. It will cut the cost of man power and increase safety. 
01/22/15 One Stop for City Workforce Candidates What if all city commission, volunteer, internship and apprenticeship positions were also shared and managed via the central City Personnel ( website?  This would create a "one stop shop" for all who are looking for affiliation with the city.
01/22/15 Building Maintenance Sunshine What if all city building maintenance efforts were transparent and easy to access?
01/22/15 Email for All What if all city employees could be easily contacted via a standard email address?  Federalize the departmental email addresses on the back-end with one system.  This way, when major city announcements are made, all city employees can be notified with one click rather than hundreds.  
01/21/15 CITY JOB APPLICATION FEE City Personnel Dept charged all job applicants a non-refundable fee a cross the board when they apply for a City job.  This would apply to all open and promotional examinations. This would reduce the costs associated with background investigations for police officers and other sensitive positions within the City and the Police Departemnt especially.
01/19/15 I.S.S.O: Identifying Super-Users for Services via Outreach  What if you could use LAPD data to target outreach and services to the most frequent users of the city’s law enforcement services in Skid Row, when 2 out of 3 homeless adults suffer from mental illness, substance abuse, and/or has a physical disability?
01/16/15 TAVIS Replace the antiquated and no longer supportable 13 year old Taxicab & Vehicle Information System (TAFIS) with an up to date Taxicab & Vehicle-for-Hire Information System (TAVIS) used by the Department of Transportation (LADOT) to manage the regulation and enforcement of the vehicle-for-hire industry, which includes taxicabs, private ambulances and non-emergency medical transportation, public transportation vehicles, certain mass transit drivers.
01/14/15 Increasing the number of qualified city job seekers To restrict the Personnel Department or any city agency in using the tactic of not allowing job applicants from moving forward because they applied after the first day the application was open, even though the announcement states applicants can apply within a certain period of time. 
01/09/15 Interactive Pet Education Project I have created Interactive e-learning software that would allow the city to educate its employees and citizens on topics ranging from the basics of pet ownership, to how to approach and engage dogs while on the job. The learning modules would employ 3D images and animations, dynamic scenes, interactive assessments and links to external resources, as well as customized downloadable documents. The result is a unique and revolutionary approach to learning about the responsibilities of pet ownership in a our community. The use of HTML5 technologies allows the course to be displayed on personal computers as well as on mobile devices without the need to install native applications.

 The virtual world concept allows users to learn about pet safety and responsible pet ownership by freely walking around in a fully virtual world, interacting with characters and taking assessments. Los Angeles would lead the world in taking pet safety education to a whole new level.

01/09/15 City-zon Create a webpage that identified all City vendors that is accessible to all city employees to review, rate and comment about the experiences with the vendors. 
01/08/15 Vocational Workers Training Program What if we bring back the Vocational Workers Training Program that City used to have more than ten years ago.  This will give opportunity for part-time employees who have been working for the City for more than 7 years but have not passed the Gardener Caretaker exam.  Some part-timers have been working for the City for 28 years.  I myself have been working for the City as a part-timer for 28 years.  These are hard-workers, knowledgeable, experienced employees but cannot pass the Gardener Caretaker exam due to English language difficulty. Hiring them as a Vocational Worker will allow the City of Los Angeles to retain reliable, dependable, knowledgeable workforce.
01/06/15 Find Your Game Creation of an app to find pick up basketball games. A "pick-up game locator" if you will. This service application can allow users to create a profile (age, height, skill level, etc) then be able to pinpoint nearest city park with a basketball court using some form of mapping system (google maps, etc).
01/04/15 Artbase LA to create an online database for all visual artists in Los Angeles.
01/04/15 LADWP Service Improvement My idea would create an opportunity for significant water and energy savings for the over 3.8 million residents in Los Angeles, thereby enhancing the quality of life for Angelenos.  It has two components:

Change Residential Billing Cycle to Monthly – Benefits
• Weather patterns can change dramatically on a monthly basis, which impacts usage of water and energy.  With the current bimonthly billing residential customers are unable to adjust their usage patterns in a timely manner since they are unaware of the overages during the two month cycle. 

Change Billing Account Name from ‘LADWP’ to ‘Los Angeles Utility-Sanitation Fund (LAUSF)’ -
• Changing the name of the count will reinforce the fact that the charges are for multiple city departments, which will show the public how much lower LADWP’s charges are compared to SCE.

01/02/15 Track-It Encourage Departments to use the technology on the Konica Multifunction Copiers to track and monitor copy, print and scan by employees. This will deter abuse and use of City resources 
01/02/15 Griffith Directory Maps What if the city could make information about hiking in Griffith Park and accessing the Hollywood sign easier to understand and help them understand the hiking trails and environment better. As a Museum Guide at Griffith Observatory for over 7 years, I have led our monthly Sunset nature walks through the Berlin forest in Griffith park and have given tours of the observatory grounds and park. The number one question we receive from patrons are, "Can I have a hiking trail map?" We have to make several office copies of trail maps to hand out. Many people want to explore Griffith Park but don't really know where to start and don't understand the vast environment. I propose placing large permanent display boards with an easy-to-read map of the trails. There should also be a marker displaying "You are Here" on the map.
12/31/14 SEWERS5 Program The Department of Public Works: Bureau of Contract Administration has Inspectors that inspect public works projects during construction. The Inspectors need to observe the contractor's work. However, if the contractor works a full 8 hour day, then the Inspector has limited ability to go back to the office to complete their paperwork such as Daily Inspection Reports.

"What If" the Bureau of Contract Administration had tablets or other portable electronic device (similar to what the housing inspector's use) that would allow them to fill out their paperwork electronically while they are in the field? These tablets would be connected wirelessly to the main office servers so that the paperwork would immediately be saved to the main office once the Inspector has completed their paperwork.

12/30/14 10/80 Work Schedule This is not a new idea, but is good to remember that 10/80 works well for a large amount of City of Employees. 
12/29/14 City Of LA Mileage Tracker City Mileage App

Mileage App would use basic GPS technology on your phone or car to track mileage during work hours and disallowing any travel that not to and from locations where city business is not being conducted. 

12/27/14 Skills enable growth  Give current maintenance laborers the opportunity to upgrade to electrical craft helpers.
12/23/14 SUPPLY RECYCLING The City should have a recycling program for supplies the way it has Salvage for furniture.  Departments often order too many supplies of one kind and not enough of another.  If the Departments could put their resources together and share supplies, ALL department and the City would win big!  When I worked for the LAPD, during the fiscal freeze period, we would e-mail the other Divisions scrambling for supplies and it worked great!  It was like a bartering system. :0)

If this was done in a more broader spectrum, the saving could be huge!  One item that should definitely be considered and recycled is the equipment used for Worker's Comp claims such as the ergonomic equipment.  I have worked in more than one department and in every department, you find special keyboards, and other special ergonomic furniture such as chairs that do not follow the employee when they transfer and the equipment is left lying around.  (Just one of many things that should be considered as being re-used. )

12/23/14 Electronic Payables (ePayables) Electronic Payables
12/22/14 Cans for cash The city could add trash cans to neighborhoods, parks and beaches. Local businesses could sponsor those cans financially and in return they may advertise on the can(s). 
12/22/14 Clean Up LA What if the City asks for more than one major PR agency to help us free of charge to develop a "cause related" marketing fund that is aimed at keeping neighborhoods clean.  The LA Times ran an editorial regarding bulky items being dumped.  If more citizens were aware of how this makes our city look, perhaps it would stop.  Cause related is the same as Smoky the Bear, or Litterbug campaigns. Anyone involved in this campaign must agree to do whatever they can "free of charge."  Run adds on busses in bus shelters, on TV, radio and the newspaper.  Not sure what cleaver tag line (that will be the job of the local only PR firms) but everytime and a free ad appears, we could say -if it's on TV--something like KTLA-ch 5 supports the Citywide clean. Don't dump that couch-call 800 what ever for a pick up! Keeping LA clean is what makes us great!  or some other tag line.  Again, all participants need to offer there services for free, which will also get them goodwill and free publicity.   
12/19/14 Council File Forum The Council File Forum will be a smartphone application designed to streamline the City’s public documents. It will allow users to access agendas, council files, and relevant documents in an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-read format on their phones, from anywhere. This tool will empower citizens to become informed about their local government, navigate the complex web of city departments and commissions, and engage with their city government in making Los Angeles a greater city for everyone.

It will seamlessly link to council files and relevant documents, bypassing the currently cumbersome website that does not have a user-friendly phone interface and providing an easy-to-read large text format to enable them to follow along in council meetings. Additionally, the app will provide a forum for stakeholders to express their opinions on council file items even when they do not participate in the public comment portion of the meetings, or cannot be there in person.

12/19/14 WaterWise Neighborhood Councils Campaign The Neighborhood Councils are a powerful force in their local communities, and can empower their stakeholders to implement water reduction strategies in their homes, businesses, and communities. This campaign will engage Neighborhood Councils in leading their communities in reducing water use, implementing projects for long-term use, and embedding WaterWise strategies in everyday habits. EmpowerLA will provide the toolkit, the strategy, the recognition, and the digital and social media campaign, and conduct focus groups and town hall meetings with the NCs and citywide alliances to develop and disseminate WaterWise strategies and project ideas and promote local solutions for water conservation. Through partnerships with community organizations and local businesses, this project will provide resources for economically viable conservation strategies and use the focus on drought management and water conservation to enhance local community assets including parks, schools, and public spaces.
12/19/14 Resue the Wheel What if we could implement innovation ideas without recreating the wheel? An example is that It is no secret that our purchasing system is broken. It's been broken for many years and it remains broken. Unfortunately it will probably remain broken. Why? Perhaps because when new administrations look at old problems they try to start anew. They, with the best of intentions, hire industry experts to examine, review and recommend solutions.

What if instead we simply implemented what has already been suggested? 

12/19/14 Walk and Talk Leadership What if elected officials and GM's get more involved with staff? How would that type of leadership impact City employees?
12/19/14 Valet Parking Service Valet Parking for City Hall
12/18/14 Post-it Project What if each City Department that makes repairs in the public arena had a pre-printed informational sign that they could leave at a site they planned to come back to? 

These signs will let constituents know that the City has been alerted and is working to fix the problem.  This will save calls to 311, the Council office, and the departments. 

Signs would say something like "We have been here to investigate and will be back shortly with the proper equipment. For questions please call ...

12/17/14 Child Exploitation Support Group What if the City funded a Commercially Sexually Exploited Children support group for children and their families who are not considered to be in "the system."  Some children and/or their families are not connected to desperately needed resources or too embarrassed to ask for support.  Working with this population of children who are not in the system and without the pressure  of prosecuting the pimp/trafficker can be rewarding and productive for the families, City and the Department.  
12/17/14 Use of Street Pole Banners to Market Fire Department Community Programs The Los Angeles Fire Department utilized the street pole banners adjacent to and opposite each fire station/facility to market their community programs and initiatives 
12/17/14 CIty-wide Notification System What if: The City of Los Angeles had a Preparedness Plan that used the most current technology and was supported-by and instituted method and policy?

The era of static lists to make notifications and/or call outs are a thing of the past.  With today’s technological tools any member of any team can roster their name for a shift or time period.  When an incident transpires the Notification System reads the roster and sends a message to the individual's register devices (phone numbers, emails, etc)

Wait, that is just the beginning, the system queries the individual and triages the member according to responses.  At a given specified time the System sends a report to the activator notifying them of the responses obtained.

In addition, the system has a build-in Business Continuity scheme. If the premise-base system should fail due to a major incident, e.g. earthquake, the out-of-state system can be used to make notifications or gather wellness information from individuals.

12/16/14 Possessory Users Tax Exploration Examine collection of possessory users' tax - is the City collecting its tax base?
12/16/14 Parking Citation Scofflaws - Reduction Campaign Procurement of booting devices to curtail parking citations scofflaws, including potential of payment/collection processing services. 
12/16/14 third arm tool to retrieve all 3 trash cans [black/blue/green] all at once
12/16/14 Centralize and Restructure City-wide Collections Hire one full-time project manager (either Fiscal System Specialist or Senior Management Analyst) to act as the lead in developing an RFP and access business requirements to lay the technology infrastructure required to manage City-wide accounts receivables (i.e. delinquencies, unpaid liabilities).  This is considered Phase I of a III phase project. Position would be housed in the Office of the CAO. 
12/16/14 Haz Mat Abatement Currently on the LAFD we change the oil and filters on all apparatus assigned to our station.  This is done at the station and all waste is placed in 55 gallon drums.  This oil is then sent out to be recycled.  The problem with this system is that the oil kept in these drums will end up being contaminated by other products such as cooking oil, paint thinner and other chemicals which renders this 55 gallon drum of oil to now become hazardous waste.  This waste costs the city lots of money for disposal fees.  A service truck with the oil and filters on board would be able to show up when called and change the oil of these apparatus.  This would alleviate the need for 55 gallon drums being left at all fire stations.
12/16/14 Park beautification donation What if we can accept donation from outside for each park and acknowledge them with a small sign like the freeway clean up responsibility sign.
12/16/14 Clean roof drain What if we can clean the roof drain.
12/16/14 One Central Phone Number "One" Central Phone Number.... A System where people who are calling the Police can call "one" phone number and reach a real oportator who will then transfered them "one" time to the right Divional front desk, the right Divisional Det Etc. 
12/15/14 DG Sidewalk Project What about using decomposed granite to replace the damaged sidewalks? 

Rough estimate using Means for concrete sidewalk is $3.34 per square foot.  Decomposed granite is $5.15 a square yard.  That's an 80% cost savings.

Broken sidewalk concrete can be recycled and used as base material.  DG can be packed around tree roots and provides a good walking surface, and can be maintained by landscaping crews.  

12/12/14 city life skills literacy app. MYLA311 MIXED WITH WAZE INTERACTIVE LIFE SKILL APP IN LANGUAGE


Alarm clock
Housing search assistance
Household shopping list
Cook at home tips
Personal grooming skills

How to find OR MAKE a job. sweep sidewalks for food or take out trash cans for seniors
How to get a State iD / drivers license
How to open a bank account. credit & finances
Taking transit, bike WITH HELMET
Manners, please, thank you, excuse me.
Trash in cans not on street.
Fitness. Walk. Soccer with paisans. garden for familiar veggies.

How to be a good neighbor
Pet manners
Noise and lights

How to be the ready student
How to conference with teachers
Reading to child

8 hours of sleep
Homework done
Breakfast oatmeal fruit conversation grace before meals
Kiss on forehead
Drug free

How to take advantage of community college - adult Education

How to access and use medical care
How to communicate with a health care provider

12/11/14 Better morale and less stressed employees What if traffic officers could work 4/10 schedules.
12/11/14 911 use it. don't abuse it. impose a fine for those who abuse the 911 system.  I believe a city in ventura county or further north has already started this.  Communications Division is in need to hire more employees.  The fines collected from the abuse of the 911 system can be allocated to hire more Police Service Representatives. 
12/11/14 permit permission What if we DO NOT SEND of alarms that have no permits from the city.  We are wasting resources for busn and resd who are not complying with purchasing a permit to protect their home and using police/fire services.  The exceptions would be alarms for hold up,
panic or medical services only, OR from calls at location of alarm sounding.  
12/11/14 Audit of Controller Policies and Procedures  Hire an accounting/management firm to review all of the Controller's polices and procedures to produce recommendations for streamlining the accounting and purchasing system(s) citywide. 
12/11/14 Addressing Bicycle Commuting (ABC) The City of Los Angeles could track data on bicycle riding, then use this data to implement cycling infrastructure to make bike commuting and recreational cycling safer.
12/10/14 "Get Rid of the Potholes" Apply proven DoD/aerospace materials technologies to "Get Rid of the Potholes" and other defects in our roads.
12/10/14 Clean Up LA The City of Los Angeles should commission an official, dedicated clean-up crew to pick-up trash and debris, remove graffiti, and pull weeds. As the crew moves around town, they should also identify physical repair issues (ex. pot holes, damaged/missing signage, broken street lights, etc.) and submit work orders to the appropriate City Department.
12/10/14 Cell Phone Stipend Pay a Cell Phone stipend instead of issuing Cell Phones.
12/10/14 Telecommuting Options Allowing City Employees to telecommute to work once or twice a pay period.
12/07/14 Refuse Collection Have city council pass an ordinance that says construction workers can't work on trash collection day.
12/06/14  Quest Paramedic registry What if the Los Angeles fire dept did follow up home care visits.
Using the paramedics to visit chronically sick patients that have used the 911 systems many times over. All the visits have billable medical codes so the services will be paid for the healthcare provider. 
12/05/14 sdf xv
12/05/14 Electronic Application Submittal System What if City Planning had online software that allowed the public to complete the Master Land Use Application, upload their supporting documents for review by the department, and set up an appointment prior to coming to one-stop to start a land-use project. This would allow DCP to communicate with the customer within the software to ensure the applicant has everything ready and completed before their first meeting with counter personnel.
12/04/14 Streamline Process for Reviewing Innovation Fund Ideas To incorporate an application management system to aid in the review of Innovation Fund ideas by using a system such as FluidReview (
12/04/14 3D printed architectural model making ...for the Bureau of Engineering’s Architectural Division staff to utilize three dimensional (3D) printing technology to build architectural and engineering scaled physical models of conceptual design projects and for presentations to client Departments, oversight Commissions, and the general public.  Engineering staff currently uses Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit for project conceptual design and construction document production. Autodesk is currently soliciting beta testing partners for its Ember 3D printer and its Spark 3D printing open source software platform. Engineering staff should be early adopters of Autodesk’s 3D program to be a leader in 3D architectural model making. Engineering’s Vision is to “To lead the transformation of Los Angeles into the world’s most livable city” Our vision statement is aligned with Mayor Garcetti’s Priority Outcomes and 3D printing will help us to achieve these goals.
12/04/14 Cut contractors or employ them What IF we stopped contracting services for things that are necessary in our city department. For example, having a Web Designer and a Graphics Designer in the Library instead of contracting services. The lack of these positions can sometimes lead the library spends MORE through contracting than having an employee. This would also ensure there is a consistency, follow-through, and professional content in the libraries (or other city departments). It seems like a waste of money to contract for services that are needed and pay exorbitant amounts for a one time fee with no follow-up. 
12/04/14 Healthy Me Healthy You to have city events at the parks where the residents get to participate in zumba, dance, or other exercise classes as well as a chance to play volleyball, basketball, or dodge ball for the kids with music hits playing in the background and informational packets to be handed out with nutritional facts and recommended eating regimes with healthy food advertised as well, possibly raffles with healthy giveaways.
12/04/14 Pay it Forward Project To implement a youth program in the Department of Recreation & Parks that increases the confidence and self-esteem of youth patrons to use their talents and leadership to create community projects that benefit the City of LA and possibly creating partnerships with other nonprofits for a good cause. 
12/03/14 VOCS Program  - Ventilation, Odor Control and Safety Program  The City has spent tens of millions of dollars on sewer rehabilitation projects.  I have been part of the engineering team on some of these  projects.  I have come up with a concept on how to prolong the life of the city's sewers.  It is simple, extremely cost effective and has already been proven to work.
12/03/14 waterless car cleaners What IF City Vehicles are cleaned  with "waterless" products?  Also what IF use of "waterless" products is promoted by public works and DWP as water conservation effort? .  
12/03/14 A Burst of Positive Energy Motivation for L.A. staff employee’s to experience “A Burst of Positive Energy” in Personal Enrichment and Professional Growth!What if the City of Los Angeles had a dynamic person to increase moral, customer service and create a positive energy to flow throughout the city through the employess of the City of Los Angeles?  . Niruby James would be an excellent example to make that happen.  Niruby James is the CEO of "A Burst of Positive Energy."    1555 E. Holt Blvd. #4804
Ontario, CA 91761

Point of Contact
Niruby James, CAMF
909 545-9208

12/03/14 Recruitment Tablets If the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department Recruitment staff had tablets connected to the internet during job fairs that would allow the recruitment staff to demonstrate the job opportunities available in the City of Los Angeles and allow prospective applicants to complete job notification for future exams on the spot in real time. 
12/03/14 self shut-off fire hydrant What if there was a way for a fire-hydrant to shut itself off after it is sheared off (for example during a traffic collision)?
12/03/14 Business Friendly LA Handout Provide people with guidelines for signage requirements, if their business is approved for that zone or location and building/facade design requirements (if any HPOZ Zone, CRA area of Community Design Overlay, etc) including phone numbers for the related departments that they can obtain more information when they obtain their business licenses.
12/03/14 Smart Phones to increase sewer project productivity  What if the waste water Inspectors for the Bureau of Contract Administration could access documents vital to ensuring compliance with contracts in the field in real time? 
12/03/14 E-CLC Upgrading the LADBS Certified Licensed Contractor program from the 1986 era to the 2015 era
12/03/14 Project South L.A Dog Park  Many house owners populate South Los Angeles and 40% are dog owners. This concerns me because these dog owners have no appropriate place to walk their dogs. As a dog owner myself I find it difficult and stressful to not be able to walk my dogs peacefully. I feel that I deprived my dogs from having a fun time. That is why I wanted to propose to open a dog park in the South Los Angeles, Chesterfield Square District. By having a dog park this would create an environment where dog owners can socialized, exercise and bond with their beloved pets. 
12/03/14 Online Police Reports What if we implement a system so people could file lost/stolen property reports online?  This is currently being done by LASD. The LASD website allows people to file reports for Lost or stolen items, Vandalism or theft (not to exceed a certain valued amount). We could also look into adding other crimes where the individual doesn't want to press charges, but wants it documented for insurance purposes. 
12/02/14 Licensing Compliance I'm a Police Detective, and I'm impressed with the Mayors concept of beautifying the City a block at a time.
The City has the personnel to take on the Unlicensed Dealers and illegal auto body and auto repair facilities.  There are ten of thousands throughout the city. The consumers suffer, regularly purchasing stolen, VIN switched vehicles and unsafe vehicles.The community impacted the most is the Latino community. In part because they don't know where to go for help.
Use available police detectives to address the situation, utilizing Vehicle Code 2805 VC to inspect the facilities--no warrant required.
Issue a citation pursuant to 9885.6 B&P, thus forcing the facility to obtain the required City license
This will generate revenue and clean up the City.
12/02/14 Electronic Medical Records  The Personnel Department, Medical Services Division (MSD), Occupational Health is proposing an electronic medical records (EMR) system. MSD mostly functions on a paper system.  MSD is responsible for pre-employment, work fitness, return to duty and mandated Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) Exams.  MSD is the custodian of records and is responsible for tracking over 250,000 employee health records. Federal, State and OSHA regulations  require employers to maintain employee health records from five (5) to thirty (30) years.  In addition, MSD is required to maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA).  HIPPA protects all individual identifiable health information. 
12/02/14 THE LOS ANGELES CITY COMMUNITY GARDEN "The People's Garden" To Rebuild, Restructure, Reorganize City owned property and budget by provide community property gardens throughout the City of Los Angeles. Thus creating more jobs and/or using the skills and talents of our City Tree Surgeons, Gardeners Caretakers/landscapers.
12/02/14 Annual Metro Pass what if all city/Mayor employees had the annual Metro pass
12/02/14 Field Experience for Captains and Above Require officers of the rank of Captain and above to spend one full day working in an "A" patrol car each deployment period.
12/02/14 LAPD Command Accountability Make employee lawsuits against the City a primary factor of consideration for promotions in the LAPD. If leaders are doing their jobs correctly, there should be no employee lawsuits against the City.
12/02/14 No Home-Parked City Vehicles for Non-Emergency Employees Do not allow Non-Emergency personnel to have a City vehicle to drive back and forth from home to work.  I live in southeast L.A. County and I have seen Non-Emergency City of L.A. vehicles driving in my town at 5:15 in the morning and 4:45 in the evening.  One in particular had a City Seal on the car and the word "LIBRARY" was stamped on the side doors.  I do not believe the tax-payers of Los Angeles would be in favor of providing such an expensive perk to that City of L.A. employee.
12/02/14 Take the Stairs The City posted small signs at elevators in PAB, City Hall, City Hall East... reminding employees that taking the stairs not only saves electricity but more importantly leads to a healthier lifestyle.
12/02/14 City Training Facility Identify a Downtown rental facility for large City training sessions.
12/02/14 Efficient Janitorial Services Use private sector janitorial services.
12/02/14 Digital Services for Downtown Visitors Help Downtown visitors through QR codes (if they have cell phones) and Map Kiosks (if they don't have cell phones).
12/02/14 Solar Panels on City Buildings Installing solar panels on key City buildings.
12/02/14 Citizen Kiosks The use of Citizen Kiosks at public counters.
12/02/14 Flushing Water Down The Drain Use more waterless urinals in restrooms.
12/02/14 Emails Stop sending out postcards to employees home address for submissions of ideas.  Send them the information to their work emails address instead.  Much cheaper. 
12/02/14 Employee Telecommuting Staff telecommuting.  Allow City staff in applicable office positions to telecommute one or two days per week.
12/02/14 e-Books for Technical References Using shared e-books as opposed to paper books.  Various technical classifications purchase and keep books for their work (programming manuals, engineering codes, etc).  By purchasing and sharing the e-book across the staff... duplicative purchases do not occur and no paper is required for the reference material. 
12/02/14 Fleet Rentals Use rental cars to avoid fleet costs.  Rental cars would operate like IT Cloud Services.  You would only use them if you needed them.  The vendor maintains the fleet and the City simply rents them when needed.
12/02/14 Video Conferencing Setup video conferencing in meeting rooms to reduce travel time.
12/01/14 Laptop Computer Securing System US Patent 7,360,379

A Luggage LAPTOP COMPUTER SECURING SYSTEM.  The luggage would have a built in cable that can be used to lock a laptop with a TSA approved lock.  A steel net would also be available.  Pleas see link below:

12/01/14 Mindful Behavior My "What IF" idea deals with the youth of the City of Los Angeles. When I was in grade school we had Charm School or Classes and in these classes we were taught edicate. The proper way to sit, walk, speak, use utensils and grooming. I am a Youth Service Officer and see first hand the things they are lacking. I think by starting some classes that would help them learn to put all the above things to use can make a difference. 
12/01/14 Paperless Meetings Eliminate the need to print agendas and handouts for meetings using basic computer and projectors in meeting rooms.
12/01/14 Eliminate Paper Paychecks Eliminate the printing of paychecks.  
12/01/14 Data Analytics Research Projects Establishing Data Analytics Projects with local universities.  City would provide critical issue (and data).  University would provide data science capabilities, analyze data, and provide recommendations.  These would be short duration research projects (semester long) with a formal writeup at the end.  Any temporary IT infrastructure could be provided by ITA's Data Center.
12/01/14 "LA SHOWS IT'S STRIPES!" What if the City Hires Veterans from the "Show your Stripes" program featured on iheart Radio? The Bureau of Street Services currently has shut down two complete areas for Emergency Service; The East Valley and the Bay Harbor Area. These are two large regions that need coverage to provide Emergency 24 hr Service to City Residents.There are 6 Truck Operator positions that can be filled to reinstate these Emergency Crews.Who is better suited to provide 24 her Emergency service than our Returning Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan?
12/01/14 Glow-in-the-Dark Bicycle Lanes Glow-in-the-Dark, Energy-Efficient Technology to Illuminate Bike Lanes in Los Angeles. Not only can this idea be used to illuminate a bike path for cyclists AND for cars to stay out of bike lanes:

But It also can serve a functional purpose:

The idea is to have these pebbles embedded into the pavement. It also lasts longer than Glow in the Dark Paint.

The 3rd pro of this is that it looks beautiful. Image the bike path along the LA River lined or completely paved with these pebbles.

12/01/14 Savings (Motion Detectors) What if there wasn't any more waste of energy by turning off lights of parking lots and buildings when city employees are not at work (after hours, weekends, holidays, off hours, etc).

Install motion detector lighting in all City buildings and parking lots owned by the City.

12/01/14 Yard sales permits. Provide Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Inspectors to issue and regulate " Yard Sales" permits on private property.  Create a program which a private citizen can obtain a permit in the field or via internet for a min fee. A program where the Inspectors can educate the public and regulate " yard sales" . If we had " Inspectors" who could issue these permits and verify them in the field we can prevent people from abusing what " Yard Sales" are actually for and preventing the impact on the quality of life for the residents and businesses in the City of Los Angeles.  
12/01/14 Hard Rubber Replacement Around Trees and Signage Opposed To Cement The City could drastically cut down on the replacement of cement and sidewalk areas around large and over-grown trees throughout the city that are cracked, broken or raised by using a pre-made hard rubber replacement (with drainage holes cut into the hard rubber) that could simply be put/installed around a tree to to replace the broken cement. It would be made with some flexibility (because it is hard rubber) and easily installed. No pouring of cement or any cement would be required.  It could also come in different shapes (such as a cone or semi-cone) to fit better around a tree, post or signage pole or post. 
12/01/14 Websites for all Provide websites for each Rec and Parks facility within los angeles. The purpose is to improve the quality of information to the general public. In addition, you also improve employee morale because each website will differ and will highlight the specific programs offered at each facility. 
12/01/14 Own an Authentic LA Street Sign Sell street signs cycled out of regular usage from the City's streets online through e-bay or an equivalent online service.  Iconic street names could sell for hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.  Even lesser-publicized streets may be purchased by residents or business owners on those streets.
12/01/14 Check your FAX! Eliminate FAX machines used by the City of LA.
12/01/14 AUTO-MATIK What if the City of Los Angeles was able to implement a public traffic advisory/management system at no cost to the city? 
11/30/14 My Board Report Idea To make a IT improvement of the board report process by developing a Web application to be able to easily create board reports, share information citywide and expedite the lengthly process. The Web site will required username and password. It will allow the user to create board reports from various board report templates. The report can be electronically send to other City staff/groups for review. An email notification will be send to each staff/group for confirmation and tracking purposes making the board report approval process more efficient.
11/30/14 Saving Money, Making Memories What if the Citywide Pay Tennis booths were closed on major holidays like New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas?  At Poinsettia Park, where I work, the tennis courts operate at a loss on these days, resulting in wasted City funds.  By closing the courts on certain holidays the City could save money, and employees could enjoy time at home with their families.  
11/30/14 Handicap Curb service to ALL All city curbs no matter who's councilman's district it is in and not choose which one is favored over the other is setup for handicap accessible on ALL curbs in the city. Doing some and not others is not fair to ALL. Choosing which should be done and not ALL.
11/30/14 pocket project charge 1 cent to each cell phone dialed to 911 from someone's pocket.
11/30/14 Community Fellowship Program Take tolerance to a whole new level. Form a non-sectarian Citizens Fellowship Program (CFP). Utilize off-duty LAPD/ LAFD Officers to form and lead small groups of civic minded community members of good will in socio-cultural events (hikes, museum tours, zoo outtings) from diverse areas these officers currently serve and have relationships with. The off-duty officers provide a sense of safety and create confidence minimizing fear of social risk in participation.

Format would be transportation to main activity, a meet-and greet activity to meet other participants, the main activity, a short civic lecture of social fellowship and good will, a snack and transportation home. Events would be 2 to 4 hours long. LAPD officers can initially tap C-PAB members for participation and support. Target markets include: Elderly, physically challenged, economically disadvantaged and social justice minded economically and educationally advantaged- as well as those in-between.

11/30/14 Sharing City Revenue I would like to recommend that we must start escalating the City's stewardship over the proprietary departments by recreating the government through the proper collaboration between the management of the Council Controlled Departments and the management of the Proprietary Departments. It's high time to make all City employees equal so that there will be no chosen employees and no one being left behind under the umbrella of just one City management.
One of the best ways to achieve this is by imposing additional dues on top of the service fees that the City is currently charging our three City proprietary departments, namely -- the LAWA, POLA and DWP. Through this approach, our City management can easily spread the excess revenues of our wealthy proprietary departments to the rest of Citywide departments who are not in the profit-oriented business environment.  This approach will therefore help resolve the issue pertaining to the City's current and future budget shortfall.
11/30/14 Can I Park Here Now? Revolutionize the parking experience in the City of Los Angeles by creating new, clear and innovative parking signs that make it easy for the public to understand.  We can potentially incorporate technology such a number to text, or display a red/green light to let the public know whether or not they can park there.
11/30/14 Temporary Sign Posting Photos It would be helpful if the people who post temporary no parking tow away or no stopping tow away signs would take dated and timed photos to show that the signs were actually posted at least 24 hour in advance of the parking restriction going into effect and entering those photos into the city's work order record. Too often the signs are not posted when the work order says they were and cars are towed that should not be towed.
11/30/14 Technology Upgrade 1) ALL depts should use Gmail, which was determined to be cheaper and higher quality than other options.

2) ALL City departments should use the same time keeping system. DWP's is this terrible low quality system called WorkTech. Public Works has an excellent, easy to use system.

3) Programs should be updated. It doesn't matter if data has been stored in main frame or other antiquated systems. It will have to be converted eventually, might as well start now.

4) Depts should implement a paperless system for all practical communications, including newsletters, pay stubs, time sheet corrections, etc. Emailed copies should be adequate for those c.c.ed in letters. Employees can 'opt in' to receiving hard copies.

5) To save on ink, each department should evaluate its letter head. Extraneous logos should be removed, leaving only the City logo to officiate the letter. 

11/30/14 Give back for reconstruction More returning educated people to emphasize the education system, including seminars and prioritize public schools for less fortunate individuals.
11/29/14 Resource Recovery L.A. Resource Recovery Park
11/29/14 The Tiny House Movement Adjustment of housing codes in certain areas to allow for the accommodation of the so-called "tiny house" or "small house" movement.  The tiny house movement is a popular description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. The small house movement is a return to houses less than 1,000 square feet, some as small as 80 square feet.
11/29/14 Groundwork LA I would like a website that connects the public with local non-profits.  Like a "311" service or website that connects those in need and those who wish to give.  
11/29/14 Survival Trailer Development of a self-contained disaster-response trailer which could support mass relocation of residents (e.g. provide food, water, shelter and electrical power).
11/29/14 Manholes What if when streets are paved, the contractors paving the streets could raise the manholes at the time of paving. 
11/29/14 iPad Sign-Up Form iPads so parents can more easily sign up for classes during walk-in registration
11/29/14 Back to Speed Get City Vehicles back in the fast lane, literally. City vehicles are not equipped with transponders for the 110 and 10 freeways.
11/29/14 SlimTox Challenge Create a program that teaches and helps in the fight against obesity. Being obese or overweight leads to many health issues, including loss of productivity, health related absence from work, and higher health cost. It would be in the city's best interest to start a program that will help in the fight against this disease.

I have created a program that I know will help in this fight. Besides the knowledge of exercise and nutrition, I have a tool that aids in cleansing the body of waste and toxins. Once the body eliminates waste and toxins, the metabolism increases. Once the metabolism increases, energy level does too. With higher energy level that person can begin a fitness routine, healthy diet, and a better life of health and productivity. 

11/29/14 Protect MY LA "What IF" a central dispatch station/center was created/reconfigured where required resources could be dispatched in emergency/non-emergency situations and communication was fluid between all involved entities.
11/28/14 Power the Parks What if we could use solar energy to power one of the top pools in the city?
11/28/14 Team Dashboard Team Dashboard Application. Provides following benefits:
1) Automation - When it rains, many emails/calls must be made. This is a repetitive task. The proposed system will communicate to all teams/classes with one click. Teacher/coach/administrator will create a custom message such as:
Hello, this message is regarding your child, [CHILD_NAME], on the [TEAM_NAME]. Practice has been canceled today due to...In moments, every one has been updated
2)  Visibility - Dashboard will provide transparency in the space available in classes in an easy to see design. No longer would there be a need to constantly rewrite whiteboards with numbers that fluctuate often. Team parents may log in remotely to view game schedules, stats, and team contact info.
3) Personalized - Features may be added as deemed necessary by coach/instructor/administrator. Parents may upload photo of their child along with a short bio. Coach/teacher to also have a bio page. Credentials supplied to parents to keep data private.
11/28/14 basic green project what if every desk job citywide can be done at home.  I believe that with Today's technology it would be feasible for staff to work from home.
11/28/14 Trimming" down time" what if City Employees did not have to wait more than two days to get their  vehicle  back after having it taken in for periodic maintenance? 
11/28/14 Save Money Spent on Refurbishing L.A.Rec & Parks Auditoriums & Gyms Wood Floors   "WHAT IF" city employees & everyone else who attend meetings in L.A.Rec & Parks auditoriums/gyms that have "wood floors", were required to put "Disposable Skid Resistant Plastic Shoe Covers" over their street shoes before entering the auditorium.
  Thereby, saving a lot of wear & tare on the floors caused by street shoes & particularly women's high-heeled shoes & other shoes with metal cleats.  Alternatively, the Shoe Covers could replace street shoes which could not be worn in the gym.
  This would postpone or delay the outlay of money spent by L.A.Rec & Parks on the refurbishing of wooden floors in gyms  & auditoriums.  The "Shoe Covers"would be provided by Rec & Parks.
11/28/14 GPS for DWP Meter Readers dwp meter reading , putting GPS in the meter readers data caps with a GPS monitor in the team leaders vans to locate each meter reader 
11/28/14 IAN (Intersection Alert Notification) The IAN (Intersection Alert Notification). What if a blue light is placed on top of signal lights in the middle of the intersections and as soon as emergency vehicles, police etc. come within 1000 ft the blue light activates and flashes alerting motorists that emergency vehicles are enroute. To activate the IAN a signal would be sent via transceiver attached to emergency vehicle.
11/28/14 Paper Saver. Greener Days Ahead. My idea consist of streamlining information and at the same time saving paper, going green. Everyday city employees, like, Gardener Caretakers, are required to sign out equipment that will be used out in the field. The same is required for everyone driving city vehicles. My idea which I began implementing was to use my IPad to log every piece of equipment being used for that day and emailing it to our supervisor. I truly believe in not wasting paper if it isn't necessary. We could also try to somehow incorporate the mileage, when vehicles, and equipment where last serviced. Its important to access to information, if an app was developed that could alert the supervisor he could act quicker and not have to wait till the engine stops working.
11/28/14 Gymnastics Facility What IF the city could have a devoted gymnastics facility? It would give the chance for health, confidence, and direction to so many more children and families.

I run a gymnastics program at Palms Park. I have seen the power of gymnastics to change lives. Because the room is used for so many different things, we have limited hrs per week for classes and also limited equipment since it needs to be taken down each day and stored. Our classes often have wait lists of 20 kids because people know that their kids need this - physically and emotionally - and doing it through the city is affordable to so many people who would otherwise have no access to this art.

Through the city, we have the opportunity for create great things for everyone - not just the rich. It is common to build soccer fields for soccer, and pools for swimming, and workout courses. There are other cities that I teach in that have permanent gymnastics rooms, perhaps LA could do it as well.

11/27/14 Back to basic practice We follow the Mayor's Lead and go back to basics.......
- Find a way to keep all regulatory signs; in place, free of vandalism and tree limb obstruction...(previous use of traffic officers on low regulatory days with certain signs helped, to a degree.. cost savings ?)
- identify the current policy within curb painting, Parking Enforcement, and adjudications in insuring one section does not defeat the purpose of another.
- insure that all adjudication hearing examiners and Xerox are well trained and reduce the refunds that are due to misunderstanding and not being well versed in identifying types and makes of vehicles.
11/27/14 DCG WiFi GSD Warehouse personnel could use WiFi and tablet PCs to do their work, instead of  having to go to a desktop PC and print a hard copy?
11/25/14 Reduce False Fire Alarms at LAX  Reduce false fire alarms in Los Angeles Airport terminals. The false alarms disrupt airport operation, create passenger inconvenience, increase fire-watch costs and waste man hours. False  fire alarms normally originate from construction areas.  This idea will reduce construction related alarms.
11/25/14 Designer Incentive System (DIS) Creativeness in city design force by money spent.incentive system same as PM system, such as PM I, PM II PM III is essential to have competitive designs. Our Bureau of Engineering’s major task is designing multi projects and the total amounts of the projects are billion dollars. Most important element in designing city projects is “CREATIVENESS” to have  good, integrated, sustainable and cost saving design. Designer Incentive System (DIS) with Design Engineer (DE) I, II and III or Design Architect (DA) is similar with PM bonus system. 
11/25/14 LAX Electric Shuttle Co-fund acquisition of an electric airport passenger shuttle as a pilot project.


11/24/14 Pay Period Efficiency Initiative The City pay periods were reduced to monthly instead of bi-weekly. Or as a compromise, issue checks every 3 weeks.

Recover City costs for those who insist on receiving paper paychecks instead of direct deposit.

11/24/14 The Los Angeles Fire Department Nurse Practitioner Response Unit (LAFD-NPRU).   What if Angelenos who call 911 with low-acuity complaints could be safely evaluated, treated, and released without ever having to step foot in an emergency room?  By placing the most innovative, compact, and portable technology in the hands of a Nurse Practitioner who responds on a specially designated Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance, we would have the potential to transform how healthcare is provided to the citizens of Los Angeles. Through this pioneering approach the “emergency room is brought to the patient” to provide convenient yet comprehensive care, including linkage to close medical follow-up and community resources. 
11/24/14 Solar Blinking Safety Lights installing more solar blinking crosswalks in downtown LA. These in-pavement lights alert motorists that pedestrians are using the crosswalk.

There are many residential areas around schools specifically that have solar powered crossing signals with blinking lights on the ground installed. I think the city of la needs more of these. It works better than just installing another street light in case it was too dark to see.

The flashing lights should be activated when a pedestrian trying to cross the street presses the button to cross.

Some examples below:


11/22/14 revenue at the zoo What if the City did an annual 5k run at the LA Zoo.
11/22/14 Improve Police Officer availability What if traffic officer duties increased to include responding and writing reports to non injury related traffic reports or collisions. 
11/22/14 Reducing the number and Cost of City cell phones What if the City offers a stipend to those employees who are currently assigned a City cell phone, where they would instead use their personal cell phone?
11/22/14 Increase the cash in lieu for health care The City reports that pension and health care costs have been increasing over the last few years. What if we increase the current $50 per pay period amount offered to employees, for those that opt out of health care and choose their spouses coverage instead. We could also compare what other incentives are offered by surrounding entities so that employees may want to opt out and just use their spouses coverage. 
11/21/14 Check and Balances As I work for the City of LA, I would like to see more accountability for ALL City department’s responsibilities.  I would like to see an Audit department that randomly goes to each Dept and verifies policies and procedures in writing (which is rare in most departments now, my current department provides policies and procedures via word of mouth). 
Maybe have enough staff to be assigned to approximately 5 departments each Rep.  This Rep can also help develop policies and procedures if none are available
Next, suggestion is to have a Risk Management section for the City of Los Angeles (All Depts) to be Field Reps and go to the different Departments that have employees with Worker’s Comp physical injuries.
11/21/14 Smarter and Safer What if in strategic areas within the City we have only one Police Officer in a car.  The other Officer would still be used, effectively doubling the patrol coverage.  We could increase our saturation/visibility, reduce response times, all while potentially increasing Officer safety. 

There have been a number of peer reviewed articles written on this subject detailing the effectiveness of this approach.  Many major metropolitan agencies have employed this approach with significant benefits.   

11/21/14 Smarter and cleaner neighborhoods Coordinate street sweeping schedules with trash pick-up schedules.  
11/21/14 Expediating AE approval process The Department heads, Ditrectors and or  the General managers should be able to approve Aouthrity for Expenditure (AE) for up to $100,000.00. The current approval process is problamatic and takes too much time of the Public Works commisinors,and City staff.
11/21/14 NFC lock based employee bikeshare Bike Sharing for City employee sin the downtown area. I know this has been brought up before and I've seen it in documents as "coming soon"

but I feel there is a chance for us to innovate as a city and pilot something that could eventually work for the public as well as employees for a minimal start up cost.

11/20/14 Operation No Stink Provide shower facilities for cty workers who want to use a bicycle during the work day
11/20/14 Clean Hands Clean Environment replacing paper towel dispensers with cloth towel dispensers in restrooms in all City department buildings. 
11/20/14 Path Museum 3000 My idea will contribuite to offer a " Quality Customer Service " and
will improve Tourism and Job Opportunty.
11/20/14 New Records Research Divisions Please open a LADBS Automated Records office in the San Pedro area.  There are currently only two places in the City (Van Nuys and Fig Plaza) where people can obtain copies of building records.  I'd also like to suggest assigning an employee to do records research for large projects like shopping centers and complex research in-house, for inspectors and City administrators,
11/20/14 Vacation Dollars Cash out accrued vacation prior to promotion.  Vacation earned at a lower pay scale when carried over to a higher position deprives the City of necessary funds.
11/20/14 Two Computer Screesns- More Efficient Employees My idea is simple.  Provide all City Employees 2 Computer Screens. I have two screens at home and am able to multi task and work more efficiently than one screen.  The cost of equipment pales in comparison to labor savings. Anyone one who uses two screen intuitively knows there efficiency increase. 
11/19/14 Jobstart For College Graduates What if there are more Intern jobs offered to new college graduates, especially in the fields of engineering (mechanical, bio-engineering, civil , environmental ) .New graduates are aspiring for local experience and get in to the working world. Providing them the opportunity to start will help our community build new leaders and get more innovative ideas from the younger generation.
If the City will not give them the opportunity for more Intern jobs and be productive, more idle time is wasted by new
11/19/14 Hour Glass App A simple "App" installed on city computers that measures how much time is spent with an "hour glass" - the symbol that comes up when the computer is connecting or downloading or taking time to link with a server. The app would send the information to IT personnel to let them know which computers or which offices waste the most city time with slow internet connections so that they know where to spend resources  on faster internet connection or on faster computers.
11/19/14 The 5 Minute Permit What if a customer could scan a QR code on the side of a box or within an instruction manual... lets say a water heater, and get the proper building permit within just a few minutes without all the additional fuse that really deters people from getting a permit to begin with.
11/19/14 Collect the Fees Due the Department LADBS should merely collect all the fees according to schedules established by Municipal Ordinance  
11/18/14 PAPER -> SURFACE To implement a test program to supply employees with Microsoft Surface computer, which can function as digitized notepad with digitized pen. 
11/17/14 Network Remote Access Provide remote access to Network Drives so authorized employees can access their work files from home. Some of us do have extra time and willing to work during off hours.

This can be achieved either by building firewalls around the networks or simply place the network drives in the clouds to be accessed by log-in passwords.

11/17/14 Snap-Trans What if the City of LA provided "dynamic-on-demand" transportation needs for Angelenos.
Currently, public transportation is rigid, ineffiecient and unable to provide point to point transportation. In the current system riders must use static bus, train and light rail routes that are pre-defined. The problem is that riders want flexibility the currently have with a car. This solution resolves that issue with a low initial cost. 
11/17/14 Net Zero Pilot Project What if The City of Los Angeles, Lead by the Bureau of Engineering, was at the forefront to launch a Net Zero Project?

You might be asking yourself, what is Net Zero? Net Zero encompasses both water (reduction, recycling and treatment) and energy (power production and reduction). Net-zero Energy Buildings consume only as much energy on an annual basis as can be generated on site.  Our goal here is to complete a Case Study Report on net zero energy only, and implement our findings on a sustainable Building.

11/17/14 Green Power Reclamation Harness the ~200 MPH wind created by every jet taking off at LAX and ONT to generate electricity.  This would be like the wind farms but using man-made wind to propel the turbines.  Since air traffic is a 24/7/365 operation there would be a steady supply of wind even during inclement weather.   There are thrust barriers at the end of each runway that could be outfitted with turbines.
11/17/14 Natural Gas Lands at LAX Use Natural Gas at LAX to fuel the air conditioning, as it's been done at Denver International Airport.

11/17/14 Saving L.A. My idea woudl save money for the City of Los Angeles.  Knwoing that the City pays $440 million dollars in consulting fees, it would worthwhile in decreasing the amount of consultants that the City uses.  Let the employees who are already here do the job.

You could probably save around $300 million or more by this one simple thought.   

11/14/14 City Kids Although my idea isn't original I think it would be beneficial to city employees. If there could be an AFFORDABLE child care before and after school with Transportation that could take the kids to and fro. The program could also be available during all school closures and summer. It would help parents stay at work and take less time off.
11/14/14 Sidewalk Trash Can System Sidewalk trash cans use millions of plastic non-environmentally friendly bags every year.  What if we created sidewalk trash cans that empty their contents into an under the sidewalk system that transports all trash to the end of each street into an underground trash compressor.  Then once a month City sanitation can have trash dump trucks lift the contents of each month's collected trash out of the sidewalk.  This has been done in other cities and I can see LA implementing something like this to further our efforts towards eliminating single use plastic bags. 

The cost of course would be massive to install an underground conveyer belt like system that pushes the trash from one end of a street to the other end of the street into a large trash compactor. 

Doing something like this might be feasible only for areas where our street sidewalk trash cans are utilized the most.  

11/14/14 VIRTUAL LOCATION SCOUTING FOR FILMING IN LA What if you could "scout" city locations (LAX,VNY,ONT Airport facilities) for filming VIRTUALLY? We could build out a pictoral catalog and upload the images to our Airports website.  We could even sell some Getty Images or Vector Images.It would save the City of Los Angeles time and could potentially generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for our city.
11/14/14 Two Computer Screens- More Efficient Employees My idea is simple.  Provide all City Employees 2 Computer Screens. I have two screens at home and am able to multi task and work more efficiently than one screen.  The cost of equipment pales in comparison to labor savings. Anyone one who uses two screen intuitively knows there efficiency increase. 
11/13/14 Contractor Scorecard What if we leverage technology to cut through the red tape and make it faster and simpler to do business with the City?  A “contractor scorecard” concept on the City’s Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN) ( will facilitate a streamlined, contractor-friendly process for bidders to complete contract compliance requirements, and for City staff to track, analyze, and store the voluminous compliance forms.  The contractor scorecard would:

1  Replace paper forms with electronic forms submitted online. 
2  Automatically populate redundant information on each form.
3  Transparently display a bidder’s progress toward satisfying each requirement with red, green, and yellow indicators.
4  Ensure that no compliance requirement achieves ‘green’ status unless it is complete, resulting in time savings for City staff and fewer non-responsive bids that increase purchasing costs.
5  Implement an electronic signature function.
6  Store electronic records of each compliance form.

11/13/14 LA City Stories (LACS) Create "Story Maps" for the City of LA to visually depict Mayor Garcetti's and the City's vision for a better government.  Help educate and inform the public about the initiatives in the city such as open data, etc... 
11/12/14 Opensource Initiative Move to an opensource operating system platform and opensource office suite for desktop PC's.

Operating System - Linux is a free, stable, fast operating system and is generally free of viruses.  It can also run on existing x86 hardware already owned by BOE.  Several public agencies have made the switch from Microsoft (MS) Windows to Linux resulting in significant cost savings by eliminating license and support fees.

Office Suite - LibreOffice and OpenOffice are free, fully featured suites that include a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software.  These open source suites are generally compatible with MS Office file formats.  These office suites use the open document format (ODF) which does not tie the user into a proprietary format.  In July 2014, the United Kingdom made ODF the official document format for government offices.

11/12/14 Energy Conservation - City Escalators What if the City implemented the same technology used in European subway stations and train stations that stop escalators from running when they are not needed by a passenger. The escalators in the City Hall Mall parking garages seem to run endlessly with no passengers, which is a waste of energy.
11/12/14 Official City of L.A. Souvenirs Hello,
I used to work part time for a company called Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills California.
Three times a week we would get these bus loads of tourists from all over the world. The leader of the bus tour group would ask me every week, " Where do you keep the official City of Los Angeles Souvenirs?"
I always thought to myself what if the City did a line of official City of L.A. Souvenirs and we could sell them to enhance the City coffers?? The coroners department already does it..................

Rosie Festich
Warehouse and Toolroom Worker II

11/10/14 H.O.P.E. (Home Office Partnership Employee) Implement a telecommute program for Personnel Department Public Safety Background Investigation Division employees. who  could effectively and efficiently work part time in a home based office as well as from their city office.  
11/09/14 Mulch Come Full Circle The Bureau of Sanitation has a free Give-Away Program for Mulch. The has numerous contracts at any given time. Many of these contracts require mulch. Mulch to be purchased by the contractor. Mulch (plus contractor and subcontractor markups) that is paid for by the City via Public Tax Dollars through the contract.

The Average cost of 20 Cubic Yards of Mulch is between $400.00 - $600.00. It may not seem like much but, add the markups and it costs.

The City could save money by supplying their own Mulch to all City Departments. It would save money. The City could save water by using more of their own mulch to cover larger areas reducing the amount of water used. 

11/09/14 Greener bathrooms Use recyclable plastic trash bags for waste bins in bathrooms throughout all City sites/buildings.
11/09/14 Bringing Mobile Computing into the City Faster and Cheaper To capitalize GSD’s mobile computing infrastructure  to improve field operations productivity and the quality of decision-making support.

1.Save money for road warriors

An IT team in GSD created applications to integrate mobile devices with work processes. We integrated mobile apps with existing service request, job assignment and timekeeping systems. Supervisors can review, approve and assign services requests on the phones instantly and employees report to work, obtain job information and instructions through the phone and the system automatically records their work hours and related information.

2.Instant information for decision makers

GSD initialized a project to integrate information from different citywide systems like PAYSR, SMS, FMS, etc. and transform them into easy-to-understand and focused interactive reports on the mobile devices. Managers will be able to access information in near real-time to manage projects and budgets.

11/08/14 project money saver Use of Computer system to save money, paper, and manpower
11/08/14 LCULA What if we lived in a city where the homeless population is drastically lowered if not eliminated, and the streets were cleaner? What if people spent more time sharing a hello from time to time, as opposed to looking down at their smartphone?
11/07/14 Electronic Employee Assessment Review System (EEARS) Purchase an electronic employee assessment review system that will assist in standardizing the performance review process across City departments.  Provide a tracking system to electronically review and sign off on reviews once approved; provide email notifications  when deadlines are approaching or missed; also provide an area to establish workplan goals (with the employees) that can be accessed and reviewed at set times (quarterly) before the annual review. 
11/07/14 Department Laundromats What if we installed washers and dryers in central locations for maintenance and recreation and parks staff to use so that our rags and other washables could be cleaned properly?
11/07/14 SLA clean street project With the excessive number of illegal dumps in the South L A, community, "What IF"  home owners that are adding additions to their homes,be required to rent a roll off bin from the city or other private refuse companies.The goal will be to track the refuse that is coming from the homes, as well as have have the owner pay to have their debris dump in a city or private dump site.This will apply to apartment owners as well. 
11/06/14 Real Streets Now! What if LA innovated and actually fixed its "failed" streets?
11/06/14 LA SAN Extra Capacity Tag Online Automation Currently the Bureau of Sanitation requires residents to go to the nearest solid resources field office to purchase extra capacity tags.  These tags are for excess material that does not fit in the residential bins, example old carpet or lumber, and are affix to the material for pickup by Sanitation refuse trucks.  My idea (What IF) these extra capacity tags are made available (sold) online on the City's website or the Bureau's website and the resident can print out the tag -- similar to printing out your airplane boarding pass.  By providing these online, it may be more convenient for residents and may boost participation in tag use that would result in less material being discarded inappropriately.
11/06/14 Finance West L.A. needs to use the area downtown with warehouses or nearby areas & convert it to a live currency/commodity exchange with underwriters, bankers, business lenders, investors seeking partners and venture for collaboration on how to get their businesses started, & even law firms/lobbying/PR  to clear up regulation so that businesses can have the freedom to grow. 
It wouldn't hurt to have EB-5 opportunities with immigration aid on hand.  This way we can kind of set it up like Hong Kong where people get business done when they get off the elevator. :)
-Los Angeles County (and nearby) have over 8 great universities and most diverse pop. In the world, CA had the 8th largest GDP in the world, the largest agriculture in the world, Rio Tinto (boron), oil, wind, sun, etc.. 
Entertainment got their movies marketed in China & beat out Wall Streets' best day without bailouts.  Finance needs their help (instructions and liasons).  The U.S. has an investment deficit with the world.
11/06/14 Register and Vote (RV) Educational Vehicle What if the City purchased a mobile home (RV) and retrofitted it to become a rolling Civic Engagement mobile that had the capacity to roll into neighborhoods, shopping malls, local schools, Food Truck rally's and register people to vote, teach them how to use the voting system, and provide a municipal governance workshop (i.e., how the City is structured and laws and budgets are passed, etc.). On Election Day, these same vehicles could then be used as Emergency polling places in the event a facility becomes inhabitable or is locked. Invest in a handful of these and it would surely put us on the road to building a culture of voting and civic engagement in the City.