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Capital Projects Data Integration Pilot (9/14/2019 : $75,000)

Posted on 05/04/2021
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The CAO, in collaboration with various other City departments involved in capital and infrastructure-related projects, proposes to integrate essential financial data from the City’s Financial Management System (FMS) alongside programmatic information into the City’s Grants Management System (GMS). This pilot would bring information into a single system to facilitate management of large, complex capital projects under a department’s purview. The information can be shared either from a dashboard view within the application or through generated universal reports.  The pilot will include the integration of eCivis, the City’s existing centralized Citywide grants monitoring and tracking system with existing project financial data included in FMS. ECivis is the City's official GMS provider, and departments are currently required to use eCivis to track and manage their grants. The goal of the pilot is to successfully build out a system that can be used to track and monitor complex capital project financial data more accurately and efficiently.