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CHX Training Pilot

Posted on 12/14/2016
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This pilot program will test the waters for a larger implementation of leadership training, with the end goal of establishing a model where Los Angeles pioneers a new standard for empowering city government workers. The pilot program will take place within the Information Technology Agency.

Cambridge Leadership’s curriculum resonates most strongly with my agenda for the project since their approach is steeped in academic research and data-driven results. Started by Harvard & Columbia University academics, the company draws on over 20 years of research and their work with 25,000 leaders. I have third-party verification of their efficacy via Viacom, who works closely with Cambridge in providing leadership training for Viacom’s extensive workforce. For more information about Cambridge’s methodology, please visit

To ensure a holistic approach to the training, we’ll include 3 supplemental seminars:

- Mindful Meditation
- Finance
- Personal Presentation