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Legislative Management System (10/15/2018 - $100,000)

Posted on 10/15/2018
computer screen with computer code

The Office of the City Clerk (City Clerk) is responsible for providing legislative support and meeting facilitation, processing items submitted for Council's consideration, record keeping, publishing legal notices and ordinances, attesting contracts, accepting claims against the City, and providing information to the public. The current systems used to manage many of these tasks are out of date, inefficient for workflow, vulnerable to security breaches, and require payment to multiple contractors. In addition, the City Clerk indicates the Department receives numerous complaints from the public and City staff regarding the current systems search functionality and the inability to quickly and easily retrieve information. City Clerk seeks to implement a single legislative management system that will run parallel to the existing system, focused on customer-service and ease-of-use for the end user in an effort to promote civic engagement as well as improve transparency and information accessibility. Through this system, City Clerk aims to: (1) Optimize public engagement and improve the user experience, (2) Simplify access to information and documentation improving transparency, (3) Empower users to find the information they seek easier and faster by improving data retrieval through intuitive search functions and improving self-help capabilities, (4) Increase efficiency by reducing system complexity and streamlining processes, (5) Utilize meaningful mobile strategies to improve user experience, (6) Personalize the user experience by enabling profile features; and (7) Improve system security and reduce maintenance cost through consolidation.