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Posted on 10/03/2016
Graphic of a money bag

“MyPayLA”. A mobile app will be simpler to use and provide easy access to key information, such as gross and net pay, deductions, and leave balances. Additionally, copies of current and prior paystubs as well as W-2’s will also become available for future reference, printing and email. Unlike the limitations faced when viewing pay stubs on City computers, a payroll app offers the flexibility to access information anytime and from anywhere in a much more user-friendly interface, offering greater convenience for the users. The paycheck information will be available on Friday prior to payday therefore it is anticipated that many employees will view their paycheck information over the weekend using MyPayLA, thus reducing the need to access it at work. Even if employees use MyPayLA at work, its simplicity and ease of use compared to the current process will reduce the time it takes to access pay information. It is anticipated that MyPayLA will not only save paper and printing costs but will also create significant value for the City and its team members by improving efficiency of the current process and eliminating unnecessary waste of scarce human talent and energy.