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Predictive Modeling for Addition Seismic Resilience (02/22/2017 - $70,000)

Posted on 12/22/2017
earthquake rubble

The Mayor's Office of Public Safety (OPS) purchased a one-year license for Seismic Concern, a predictive analytics platform that simulates earthquake scenarios in order to identify potential vulnerabilities and to deliver predictive damage level estimates at a block-level minutes after an earthquake. Seismic Concern will give the City the ability to choose the earthquake location and magnitude to run multiple simulations in order to determine blocks, buildings, and populations vulnerable to earthquake damage and potential harm. The subscription also includes training, onsite instruction, and software support. The predictive analytics could be used to prioritize mitigation efforts and inform planning efforts for training and exercises for first responders and building inspectors. Through this pilot, OPS intends to integrate the scenario planning tools within the software into the City's emergency preparedness and resilience programs and policies.