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Posted on 12/14/2016
Police officer with breathalyzer

To create a new, innovative LAFD resource called  “SOBER: The SOBering center Emergency Resource”. This is an LAFD ambulance that will be staffed by a Firefighter/Paramedic and a social worker. This would provide an alternative solution to the increasing problem of chronic alcoholic patients (“serial inebriates”) who are high frequency users of the 911 EMS system. 

The LAFD SOBER unit will work closely with a new, free standing Sobering Center being opened in the skid row area. The problem of serial inebriates and homelessness is a growing issue for the City of Los Angeles, adversely impacting our community and tying up scarce LAFD emergency resources.  The SOBER project is an opportunity to get serial inebriates the help that they need instead of continuing the futile cycle of repeated ambulance transports.