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Solar and Battery Storage Resiliency Program (06/25/2019 - $200,000)

Posted on 06/25/2019
solar panels

The Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP), in partnership with the Department of Water and Power (DWP) will implement a solar and battery storage resiliency program. This program will equip one of RAP's recreation centers that is designated as cooling center and emergency shelter with solar panels and a battery storage system to allow the department to generate renewable energy for routine and emergency usage. This pilot will be implemented at the Green Meadows Recreation Center in South Los Angeles. The project will install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, a battery energy storage system, and a distributed energy resource controller, as well as incorporate a solar and micro-grid education program for youth. Through this program, RAP and DWP aim to better serve the community in the event of an power grid outage, contribute to renewable energy and shared solar goals, support energy needs at a community recreation center with renewable energy, provide resiliency for the designated recreation emergency shelter location, reduce carbon emissions from diesel generators, and provide electric vehicle (EV) charging for the public and city fleet.